Reports of Russian Military Action in Ukraine: Fact and Fiction

As the crisis surrounding Ukraine intensifies hour by hour and the Anglo-American powers posture themselves as defenders of Ukrainian rights – which they themselves have clearly violated with the recent program of destabilization and overthrow of the Ukrainian government – the Russian side moves forward with what it claims is the necessary and proper...

Florida Cops’ Secret Weapon: Warrantless Cellphone Tracking

Police in Florida have offered a startling excuse for having used a controversial “stingray” cellphone tracking gadget 200 times without ever telling a judge: the device’s manufacturer made them sign a non-disclosure agreement that they say prevented them from telling the courts.

Israeli Company to Build Surveillance Towers on Arizona’s Border with Mexico

Israeli defense firm Elbit has been awarded a $145 million contract by the US Department of Homeland Security to construct a series of surveillance towers on Arizona’s border with Mexico, the company announced on Sunday.

This Week In History March 3rd

1111 Death of Bohemund I, Prince of Antioch 1191 Saladin [Salah ad-Din]) Yusuf sultan of Egypt/Syria, dies at age 52. 1239 Death of Vladimir III Rurikovich, Grand Prince of Kiev (b. 1187) 1409 Austrian civil war ends. 1431 Bishop Gabriele Condulmer elected as Pope Eugene IV. 1431 Eugene IV becomes Pope. 1455 Birth of King John II of Portugal (d. 1495) 1459...

Money For Nothing: Feds in D.C. closed 25% of the Time

Between snow days, official holidays and the government shutdown, federal employees have worked a normal business day less than 75 percent of the time since Oct. 1, marking a startlingly chaotic beginning to the fiscal year. Offices have been closed in whole or in part for 27 of the 105 weekdays so far in the fiscal year, according to a Washington Times analysis...