Former NY Governor George Pataki launches presidential bid

Former New York Governor George Pataki entered the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, positioning himself as a Washington outsider and moderate who won three terms in a heavily Democratic state. Pataki, 69, enters a crowded field that includes a number of staunch conservatives who hope to attract the support from the Republican base of...

Preppercon Interviews in the KTALK Archives

The hosts from KTALK were on hand during the Preppercon event and there are a lot of great interviews.  If you would like here about great products and vendors, you can listen to the event again.

Hillary Clinton’s honesty called into question in new poll

Americans appear to be suspicious of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s honesty, and even many Democrats are only lukewarm about her presidential candidacy. Is she strong and decisive? Yes, say a majority of people. But inspiring and likable? Only a minority think so. Ms. Clinton’s struggles to explain her email practices while in government, along with...

Jeb Bush exploits major loophole in campaign finance rule

Thanks to a Supreme Court decision that unleashed unlimited money into politics, even the unlikeliest of long-shot presidential candidates needs only one very wealthy patron to run a credible campaign. It’s a system that many campaign finance reform advocates see as messy and bordering on corrupt. But now, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is taking things to an...


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