Paul Duane and Jake Garn












Good afternoon, fellow travelers on Spaceship Planet Earth!
The Paul Duane Show is based upon these seven ideas:

1. Power of the party: Showing people a good time is the most effective way to communicate a new idea.
2. Show, Don’t Tell: If you have to repeatedly proclaim that you are ______, you probably aren’t. Just do. Everyone will notice.
3. Everyone is in uniform: Create your own.
4. The world is full of possibility. Every day presents a new combination of human possibilities.
5. We are all connected and hold a responsibility to amplify positivity rather than negativity in the world.
6. You are a teacher and a student: Seek mentors, serve those who wish to learn from you.
7. Leave people, places, and things – especially people – better than you found them.

The show creator and host, Paul Duane, is a father of two, an ethnic Mormon, die
hard lover of the band RUSH, member of the Burning Man community, and one of Utah’s
leading photographers.

More info about Paul’s projects can be found at