Show Schedules

Weekday Line Up

12M to 4AM          Alex Jones

4AM to 7AM         Doug Stephan

7AM to 9AM         Jack Stockwell

9AM to 10AM      Celebrating Women: The Women’s Show (Mon & Tue)

9AM to 10AM      Alan Blood (Fri)

10AM to 1PM      Freedoms Voice Media

1PM to 3PM        Paul Duane Show (Mon, Tues, Wed)

1PM to 3PM        Gayle Ruzicka (Thu)

1PM to 3PM        Mark Maxon (Fri)

3PM to 6PM        Drive Time Live (Mon – Fri)

6PM to 8PM        Kyal2K

8PM to 10PM     Jim Kirkwood

10PM to 12M     SP Romney

Saturday Line Up

12M to 8AM         Doug Radio Stephan’s Talk Radio Countdown

2PM to 3PM        Western Life Radio

3PM to 4PM        The UNspoken Word

5PM to 6PM        InterViews & InterActions with Linda Strasburg

6PM to 10PM        Fringe Radio

10PM to 12M        Jim Sumpter

Sunday Line Up

12AM to 6AM     Doug Stephan

6AM to 9AM       House Smarts Radio

9AM to 10AM     Jack Stockwell

Noon to 1PM      Nava Tee Evans – Get The Word Out

3PM to 4PM       Jim Sumpter Show

4PM to 5PM       Integrative Health

5PM to 7PM       Mormon Miscellaneous with Van Hale

7PM to 9PM       Jim Sumpter Show

9PM to 12AM     G. Gordon Liddy’s Encore