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Show Synopsis: Celebrating Women discusses businesses and topics that involve and celebrate the uniqueness of being a woman, while giving practical insight to everyone. Celebrating Women highlights local and national women-friendly businesses, interests, and products. Celebrating Women is the “go to” outlet for women to access viable information, discounts, and solutions.

Your history on K-Talk: On radio with K-TALK 630AM since August 2011

What does K-Talk mean to you?  So much; I love it.  It’s a blast.  I love working with everyone at the radio station and sharing positive, uplifting, informative topics, insights, and businessess with our listeners.

Favorite Food:  Creme brulee

Favorite book/movie:  East West

Favorite quote:  If you believe you can, you can.


Producer/Marketing Director: 

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Cate began to be informed about government and politics at the young age of seven when she learned in school about dolphins being caught in tuna nets.  Her mother informed her to write her representative.  She has continued to be involved in local government from volunteering to be on the Youth City Council of her city, for all of high school, working with the state Youth in Government program, and working with local civic non profits and charities to better her community. Having worked locally and internationally as well as having served with local charities, Cate enjoys the privilege of living in America and all of the benefits it offers and wants to make her community and society the best it can be.  She knows by staying informed is the best way to do that.