US Capitol in Flames? North Korea Dreams of Nuclear Strike

An image of the U.S. Capitol being hit by an explosion has been posted on a North Korean propaganda website.

The video, published by the semi-official Uriminzokkiri agency and posted on its YouTube account, at first shows still images of North Korean artillery, missiles and soldiers.

It then moves on to film of numerous missiles being fired, before showing what appears to be a gun sight zeroing in on the White House and then the U.S. Capitol.

“The White House is caught in the panoramic sight of a (North Korean) long-range missile. This hotbed of war is in the scope of a nuclear bomb blow,” a caption on the video says, according to a translation by the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

An explosion hits the dome of the Capitol building, leaving a gaping hole. The four-minute film then continues with yet more images of rockets being fired.

A video showing an American city that looked like New York engulfed in flames after a missile attack was posted on the same website last month.