This Week In History March 17th

1040 Death of Harold Harefoot, King of England

1040 Harold British King (1035-40), dies.

1058 Death of King Lulach I of Scotland

1103 Birth of noted Song Dynasty general Yue Fei.

1231 Birth of Emperor Shijo of Japan (d. 1242)

1272 Death of Emperor Go-Saga of Japan (b. 1220)

1425 Death of Ashikaga Yoshikazu, Japanese shogun (b. 1407)

1473 Birth of James IV king of Scotland (1488-1513).

1516 Death of Giuliano di Lorenzo de’ Medici, ruler of Florence (b. 1478)

1516 Giuliano de’ Medici monarch of Florence, dies at age 37.

1521 Magelhaes lands on Homohon.

1526 French king Fran?ois I freed from Spain.

1537 French troops invade Flanders.

1565 Alexander Alesius [Aless/Alane], theologist/physician, dies at age 64.

1565 Death of Alexander Ales, Scottish theologian (b. 1500)

1577 The Cathay Company is formed to send Martin Frobisher back to the New World for more gold.

1578 Birth of Francesco Albana Italian painter (Mary’s Ascension).

1580 Prince Willem of Orange welcomed in Amsterdam.

1588 Petrus Dathenus Flemish minister/physician (Psalms of David), dies.

1605 Pieter Bast [Bastius], Dutch engraver/cartographer, dies at about age 34.

1620 Death of St. John Sarkander, Moravian priest, died of injuries caused by torturing

1628 Birth of Daniel van Papenbroeck [Papebrochius], Flemish historian.

1640 Death of Philip Massinger, English dramatist (b. 1583)

1640 Philip Massinger dramatist, dies.

1649 Gerardus Johannis Vossius [Gerrit Vos], Dutch regent, dies at age 71.

1653 Johan van Galen Admiral (battle of Livorno), dies in battle at age 48.

1658 Pro-Charles II plot in England discovered.

1664 Birth of Georg Osterreich composer.

1672 England declares war on Netherlands.

1673 Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet begin their exploration of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi river.

1675 Birth of Petrus Laurentius Wockenfuss composer.

1676 Birth of Thomas Boston, Scottish church leader (d. 1732)

1680 Death of Frantois de La Rochefoucauld, French writer (b. 1613)

1685 Birth of Jean-Marc Nattier French portrait painter.

1704 Death of Menno van Coehoorn, Dutch military engineer (b. 1641)

1704 Menno baron van Coehoorn fort builder/Coevorden/howitzer, dies at age 63.

1715 Death of Gilbert Burnet, Scottish Bishop of Salisbury (b. 1643)

1722 Willem KH Friso appointed mayor of Drente.

1725 Birth of Lachlan McIntosh, Scottish-born American military and political leader (d. 1806)

1741 Death of Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, French poet (b. 1671)

1746 Birth of Jan David Holland composer.

1753 First official Saint Patrick’s Day.

1755 Transylvania Land Company buys Kentucky for $50,000 from a Cherokee chief.

1756 Saint Patrick’s Day first celebrated in New York City at Crown and Thistle Tavern.

1756 St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in New York City for the first time (at the Crown and Thistle Tavern).

1757 Prince Mas Sa?d of Mataram surrenders to Mangkubumi in Java.

1762 First Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York City.

1764 Death of George Parker, 2nd Earl of Macclesfield, English astronomer

1764 George Parker English astronomer, dies.

1766 Britain repeals Stamp Act.

1776 American Revolution: British forces evacuate Boston, Massachusetts after George Washington and Henry Knox place artillery overlooking the city.

1776 British forces evacuate Boston to Nova Scotia during Revolutionary War.

1777 Birth of Roger Brooke Taney Calvert Maryland, 5th Chief Justice (Dred Scott decision).

1780 Birth of Thomas Chalmers first moderator (Free Church of Scotland 1843-47).

1781 Birth of Dominique J de Eerens Governor-General of Netherland Indies.

1782 Death of Daniel Bernoulli, Dutch-born mathematician (b. 1700)

1789 Birth of Edmund Kean London England, tragic actor (Shylock).

1796 Pieter Paulus lawyer/Dutch CEO (National Convention), dies at age 41.

1800 English warship Queen Charlotte catches fire; 700 die.

1801 Juan de Sesse y Balaguer composer, dies at age 64.

1803 Candido Jose Ruano composer, dies at age 42.

1804 Birth of James Bridger scout/fur trader/mountain man par excellence.

1804 Johann von Schiller’s “Wilhelm Tell” premieres.

1805 The Italian Republic, with Napoleon as president, becomes the Kingdom of Italy, with Napoleon as King.

1806 David Dale industrialist and philanthropist, dies.

1820 Birth of Patrick Edward Connor Brevet Major General (Union volunteers).

1824 England and Netherlands sign a trade agreement.

1825 Birth of Rodolphe Bresdin French cartoonist/lithographer (Le Bon Samaritain).

1826 Birth of Oskar Peschel German journalist/geography (V�lkerkunder).

1828 Birth of Patrick Ronayne Cleburne the “Stonewall” of the West (Major General-Confederate Army).

1830 Death of Laurent, Marquis de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, French marshal (b. 1764)

1832 Birth of Moncure Daniel Conway US, clergyman/author/abolitionist (Life of Thomas Paine).

1833 Phoenix Society forms (New York).

1834 Birth of Gottlieb Daimler Germany, engineer/inventor/auto pioneer-designed first motorcycle.

1836 Texas abolishes slavery.

1839 Birth of Josef Rheinberger Vaduz Liechtenstein, opera composer (Munich Conser).

1842 Indians land in Ohio, a 12 square-mile area in Upper Sandusky.

1845 Rubber band patented by Stephen Perry of London, England.

1845 The rubber band is invented

1846 Birth of Kate Greenaway England, artist/book illustrator (Under the Window).

1846 Death of Friedrich Bessel, German mathematician and astronomer (b. 1784)

1846 Friedrich W Bessel German astronomer (Bessel Functions), dies at age 61.

1847 Dmitri Shostakovich’s opera “Macbeth” is produced (Florence).

1848 Birth of Horace Wadham Nicholl composer.

1849 Death of William II of the Netherlands (b. 1792)

1849 Willem II Frederik GL King of Netherlands (1840-49), dies at age 56.

1853 Christian Doppler physicist, dies.

1853 Death of Christian Doppler, Austrian physician and mathematician (b. 1803)

1854 First park land purchased by a US city, Worcester Massachusetts.

1855 Ramon Carnicer y Batlle composer, dies at age 65.

1856 Birth of [[Mikhail Vrubel[[, Russian painter (d. 1910)

1857 Adolph Trube composer, dies at age 42.

1860 Japanese embassy arrives aboard Candinmarruh [sic].

1861 Italy declares independence; Kingdom of Italy proclaimed.

1861 Petter Conrad Boman composer, dies at age 56.

1861 The Kingdom of Italy is proclaimed.

1862 Birth of Silvio Gesell, Belgian economist (d. 1930)

1862 Fromental Halevy [Elie Levy], French opera composer, dies at age 62.

1863 Battle of Kelly’s Ford, Virginia (211 casualities).

1863 John Pelham US Confederate artillery major, dies in battle at age 24.

1864 Alexandre Calamo Swiss painter/etcher/lithographer, dies at age 53.

1866 Birth of Pierce Butler, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (d. 1939)

1868 Postage stamp canceling machine patent issued.

1870 Birth of Horace Donisthorpe, British entomologist (d. 1951)

1870 Massachusetts legislature authorizes incorporation of Wellesley Female Seminary.

1871 National Association of Professional Base-Ball players organized.

1872 Birth of Billy Quaife cricket player (England batsman 1899-1902).

1873 Birth of Chard Somerset; Cabinet minister (1929-31).

1874 Birth of Kincsem horse that never lost a race.

1875 Death of Ferdinand Laub, Czech violinist (b. 1832)

1876 Birth of Frederic Ayers composer.

1876 First record high jump over 6 feet (Marshall Jones Brooks).

1876 General Crook destroy Cheyennes and Oglala-Sioux Indian camps.

1877 Bill Midwinter completes Test Crickets’ first 5-wkt haul, 5-78 versus England.

1877 Birth of Albert P Hahn Dutch political cartoonist (People/Nutcracker).

1880 Birth of Guillermo Uribe Holguin composer.

1881 Birth of Kristian Elster Norwegian author (Less bror Harris).

1883 Birth of Urmuz, Romanian writer (d. 1923)

1884 Birth of Alcide Nunez, American jazz clarinetist (d. 1934)

1884 John Joseph Montgomery makes first glider flight, Otay California.

1886 Carrollton Massacre: 20 African Americans are killed in Mississippi.

1886 Carrollton Massacre, (Mississippi) 20 blacks killed.

1887 Birth of Ben Sajet Dutch physician/politician.

1887 The A.B. Dick Company sells the first Diaphragm Mimeograph duplicating machine.

1888 Birth of Frank Buck actor (Africa Screams, Tiger Queen, Tiger Fangs).

1889 Joseph A Alberdingk Thijm [Pauwels Foreestier], poet, dies at age 68.

1890 Birth of Harold Morris composer.

1891 British Steamer “Utopia” sinks off Gibraltar killing 574.

1891 Napoleon JKP Bonaparte Fren prince/member National Convention, dies at age 68.

1891 The British steamship SS Utopia sinks off the coast of Gibraltar, killing 574.

1892 Birth of Sayed Darwish composer.

1893 Death of Jules Ferry, French statesman (b. 1832)

1894 Birth of Paul Green US, novelist/playwright (In Abraham’s Bosom).

1894 US and China sign treaty preventing Chinese laborers from entering US.

1897 British boxer Robert James Fitzsimmons knocks out American James Corbett in 14 rounds for the world heavyweight championship.

1898 Blanche Kelso Bruce (Senator-Mississippi, 1875-1881), dies in Washington DC at age 57.

1898 First practical submarine first submerges, New York City, New York (for 1 hour 40 minutes).

1899 Birth of Gloria Swanson Chicago Illinois, actress (Sadie Thompson, Killer Bees).

1899 Windsor luxury hotel in New York City catches fire, 92 die.

1900 Birth of Alfred Newman New Haven, composer (Love is a Many Splendored Thing).

1900 Stanley Cup: MontrTal Shamrocks sweep Halifax Crescents in 2.

1901 A showing of 71 Vincent van Gogh paintings in Paris, 11 years after his death, creates a sensation.

1901 Birth of Eisaku Sato premier of Japan (Nobel Prize 1974).

1901 Franz Melde German physicist (Melde Test), dies at age 69.

1901 Free thinking-Democratic Union forms in Netherlands.

1902 Birth of Bobby Jones Jr Atlanta Georgia, PGA golfer (Grand Slam 1930).

1902 George William Warren composer, dies at age 73.

1902 Stanley Cup: MontrTal AAA beat Winnipeg Victorias, two games to 1.

1905 Eleanor Roosevelt marries Franklin Roosevelt in New York.

1906 Birth of Brigitte Helm [Gisele Eve von Kuenheim] Berlin, actress (Gloria, Gold).

1906 Carlos Calvo Argentina diplomat (Calvo Clause), dies at age 82.

1906 President Theodore Roosevelt uses term “muckraker”.

1906 Stanley Cup: MontrTal Wanderers beat Ottawa Silver 7, although both winning a game, MontrTal outscores Ottawa 12-10.

1907 Birth of Jan M J van Houtte premier Belgium (1952-54).

1908 Birth of Boris N Poveloi [Kampov], Russian journalist/writer.

1908 Quickest world heavyweight title fight (Tommy Burns knocks out Jem Roche in 88 seconds).

1909 Birth of Ken Anderson in Seattle, Washington, USA; worked on Disney animated films, Disneyland attractions, named a Disney Legend in 1991.

1910 Birth of Bayard Rustin civil rights leader.

1910 DHC soccer team forms in Delft Netherlands.

1910 Joaquin Valverde composer, dies at age 64.

1910 Luther Gulick and his wife Charlotte found Camp Fire Girls (now Camp Fire USA) (formally announced in 1912).

1911 Birth of Raffaele d’ Alessandro composer.

1912 Birth of Bayard Rustin, American civil rights activist (d. 1987)

1912 Camp Fire Girls organization announced by Mrs Luther Halsey Gulick.

1914 Birth of Sammy Baugh Temple Texas, NFL hall of famer quarterback (Washington Redskins).

1915 Birth of Hans Namuth German/US photographer (Todos Santos, Guatemala).

1915 Walter Crane English painter/cartoonist/illustrator, dies at age 69.

1916 Birth of Ray Ellington, British singer (d. 1985)

1917 Birth of Arthur Basil Cotle medievalist.

1917 Death of Franz Brentano, German philosopher and psychologist (b. 1838)

1917 Delta Phi Epsilon was founded at New York University Law School.

1917 First exclusively women’s bowling tournament begins in Saint Louis.

1917 Tsar Nicolas II of Russia abdicates the throne.

1918 Birth of D Arendo [Arend Honhoff] Dutch pianist/composer (Eleonora).

1918 US Ladies Figure Skating Championship won by Rosemary Beresford.

1918 US Men’s Figure Skating Championship won by Nathaniel Niles.

1919 Birth of Hank Sauer baseball player (National League Most Valuable Player 1952).

1919 Dutch steel workers strike for 8 hour day and minimum wages.

1920 Birth of John La Montaine Oak Park Illinois, composer (Pulitzer 1959).

1921 Birth of Mick Harvey cricket player (in Newcastle Brother of Neil Test umpire).

1921 Dr Marie Stopes opens Britain’s first birth control clinic (London).

1921 Lenin proclaims New Economic Politics.

1921 Sailors revolt in Kronstadt (thousands die).

1921 The Second Republic of Poland adopts the March Constitution.

1922 Birth of Megan Bull British head mistress (Holloway Jail).

1923 Birth of Margaret Bondfield; chairman (Trades Union Congress).

1924 Netherlands and USSR begin talks over USSR recognition.

1924 Sweden and USSR exchange diplomats.

1926 Birth of Siegfried Lenz, German writer

1926 Death of Aleksei Brusilov, Russian general (b. 1853)

1926 Dutch Calvinists oust Reverend J G Geelkerken over Genesis 3.

1926 Spain and Brazil prevent Germany joining League of Nations.

1927 US government doesn’t sign League of Nations disarmament treaty.

1929 General Motors acquires German auto manufacturer Adam Opel.

1929 Spanish dictator Primo de Rivera closes university of Madrid.

1930 Birth of James Irwin, astronaut (d. 1991)

1931 Josef Stalin throws Krupskaya Lenin out of Soviet Central Committee.

1931 Nevada legalizes gambling.

1932 German police raid Adolf Hitler’s headquarters.

1934 Austrian Engelbert Dollfuss, Italian Benito Mussolini and G�mb�s sign Donau Pact (protocols of Rome).

1935 Birth of Adam Wade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; actor/singer (“Kiss Me Goodbye”, “Crazy Joe”).

1936 Birth of Thomas K Mattingly II in Chicago, Illinois, USA; Captain US Navy/astronaut (Apollo 16, STS-4, 51C).

1937 Death of Austen Chamberlain, English statesman, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1863)

1938 Birth of Rudolf Nureyev, Russian-born dancer and choreographer (d. 1993)

1939 Birth of Shahid Mahmoud; cricket player (opener scored 16 and 9 in only Pakistan Test).

1939 Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945): The Battle of Nanchang between the Kuomintang and the Japanese break out.

1940 Birth of Vito Picone; rocker (Elegants).

1941 Birth of Clarence Collins; American singer (Imperials – “Tears on My Pillow”).

1941 In Washington, DC, the National Gallery of Art is officially opened by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1941 National Gallery of Art in Washington DC opens.

1942 Belzec Concentration Camp opens-30,000 Lublin Polish Jews transported.

1942 Birth of John Wayne Gacy Jr in Chicago, Illinois, USA; serial killer (32 boys).

1942 US General Douglas MacArthur arrives in Australia to become supreme commander.

1944 Actor Charlton Heston weds Lydia Clarke.

1944 Birth of Cito Gaston; Major League Baseball manager (Toronto Blue Jays).

1945 Allied ships bomb North-Sumatra.

1945 American forces complete the capture of Iwo Jima. Americans suffer 26,038 casualties, include 6821 dead. Of the 21,000 Japanese defenders, only 1083 survive.

1945 Birth of Elis Regina, Brazilian singer (d. 1982)

1946 Birth of Harold Brown in Long Beach, California, USA; rock drummer (War – “Summer”, “Galaxy”).

1947 Birth of James Morrow, author

1948 Benelux, France, and the United Kingdom sign the Treaty of Brussels, a precursor to the NATO Agreement.

1948 Birth of William Gibson, American-born writer

1949 Birth of Patrick Duffy, American actor

1949 Death of Aleksandra Ekster, Russian painter (b. 1882)

1950 Belgian government of Eyskens resigns.

1950 Birth of Patrick Adams, American record producer and songwriter

1950 Element 98 (Californium) announced.

1950 University of California, Berkeley researchers announce the creation of element 98, which they name “Californium”.

1951 Birth of Scott Gorham; Irish hard rock guitarist (Thin Lizzy – “21 Guns”, “Jailbreak”).

1951 Test Cricket debut of Brian Statham, England versus New Zealand Christchurch.

1953 Bill Veeck says he will sell his 80 percent of Saint Louis Browns for US$2.475 million.

1953 Birth of Filemon Lagman, Filipino communist revolutionary (d. 2001)

1953 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.

1954 Birth of Wally Stocker in London, England; rock vocalist/guitarist (Babys – “Missing You”).

1955 Birth of Cynthia McKinney; American politician (Representative-Democrat-Georgia).

1955 NHL hockey player Maurice “Rocket” Richard is suspended, sparks 7-hour riot in MontrTal, QuTbec, Canada.

1956 Birth of Will Rigby; rock percussionist (Amy Rigby Diary of a Mad Housewife).

1956 Death of Fred Allen, American actor and comedian (b. 1894)

1957 Birth of Robin Cousins in Bristol, England; figure skater (Olympics-gold-1980).

1957 Death of Ramon Magsaysay, President of the Philippines (b. 1907)

1957 Ramon Magsaysay, President of Philippines, dies in a plane crash.

1958 The United States launches the Vanguard 1 satellite.

1959 Australia and USSR restore diplomatic relations.

1959 Birth of Brian Douglas Jones in Auckland, New Zealand; tornado class yachter (Olympics-1996).

1959 Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, flees Tibet and travels to India.

1959 Tibet’s Dalai Lama is evacuated to India.

1960 US President Dwight Eisenhower forms anti-Castro-exile army under the US Central Intelligence Agency.

1961 Birth of Casey Siemaszko, American actor

1961 New York district attorney arrests professional gamblers who implicate Seton Hall players.

1961 Suzanna Salter, first US female mayor/temperance leader, dies at age 101.

1962 Birth of Clare Grogan; rocker (Altered Images – “Happy Birthday”).

1963 Birth of Roger Harper; cricket player (Guyana and West Indies off-spinner Extraordinary field).

1963 Bob Cousy plays his last NBA game.

1963 Elizabeth Ann Seton of New York beatified (canonized in 1975).

1963 Eruptions of Mount Agung Bali kills 1,500 Balinese.

1964 Birth of Alex Shoumidoub; NHL goaltender (Belarus, Olympics-1998).

1965 Almos Alonzo Stagg, football coach (University of Chicago), dies in California at age 102.

1965 Birth of Caitlin Bilodeaux in Boston, Massachusetts, USA; US fencer (Olympics-1992).

1965 Death of Amos Alonzo Stagg, baseball, basketball, and football coach and player (b. 1862)

1966 Birth of Andrew Hudson; cricket player (South Africa, 163 on debut versus West Indies 1992).

1966 Off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, the Alvin submarine finds a missing American hydrogen bomb.

1966 South Africa government bans Defense and Aid Fund.

1966 US submarine locates missing H-bomb in Mediterranean.

1967 Birth of Chris Luongo in Detroit, Michigan, USA; NHL defenseman (New York Islanders).

1968 Birth of Judy Mosley McAfee; WNBA forward (Sacramento Monarchs).

1968 Kathie Whitworth wins LPGA Saint Petersburg Orange Blossom Golf Open.

1968 Two-tiered gold price negotiated in Washington DC by US and six European nations.

1969 Birth of Andrew McMarlin in Vienna, Virginia, USA; rower (Olympics-1996).

1969 Golda Meir becomes Israel’s fourth Prime Minister.

1969 Golda Meir of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, becomes Prime Minister of Israel.

1969 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Open.

1970 Birth of Shannan Mitchem in Decatur, Georgia, USA; female infielder (Colorado Silver Bullets).

1970 My Lai massacre: The United States Army charges 14 officers with suppressing information related to the incident.

1970 Peter O’Malley becomes CEO of Los Angeles Dodgers.

1970 US casts their first United Nations Security Council veto (Support England).

1971 Birth of Katrina Colleton; WNBA guard/forward (Los Angeles Sparks).

1971 Edward Henry of Morristown, New Jersey, is first person to win US$1 million in a State lottery.

1972 Birth of Mia Hamm in Selma, Alabama, USA; soccer forward (Olympics-1996, US Women’s World Cup-1999).

1972 Manny Martindale, cricket player (10 Tests for West Indies, 34 wickets), dies.

1973 Birth of Jerome Woods; safety (Kansas City Chiefs).

1973 In Luzon, Philippine Islands, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurs. 78 buildings destroyed in Lopez and Calauag.

1973 Queen Elizabeth II opens new London Bridge.

1974 Birth of Eric Lane; running back (New York Giants).

1974 Death of Louis Kahn, American architect

1974 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Bing Crosby Golf Classic International.

1974 Louis I Kahn, Estonia/US architect, dies at about age 73.

1975 Birth of Justin Hawkins, British singer (The Darkness)

1975 Valeri Muratov skates world record 1000 metre (1:16.92).

1976 Birth of Stephen Gately in Dublin, Ireland; Irish singer (Boyzone).

1976 Death of Luchino Visconti, Italian director (b. 1906)

1976 Malikov skates world record 1000 metre (1:15.76).

1976 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.

1977 Australia wins cricket Centenary Test by 45 runs, same result as 1877.

1977 Birth of Hadeel Abol-Naga; Miss Egypt-Universe (1996).

1978 Cincinnati Reds don green uniforms for Saint Patrick’s Day.

1978 George Dickinson, cricket player (8 wickets in three Tests for New Zealand), dies.

1979 Birth of Andrew Ference, Canadian hockey player

1979 Merv Inverarity, cricket player (father of John WA player 1925-40), dies.

1979 World Ice Dance Championship at Vienna won by N Linichuk and G Karponosov (USSR).

1979 World Ice Pairs Figure Skating Championship at Vienna won by Tai Babilonia and R Gardner (USA).

1979 World Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Vienna won by Linda Fratianne (USA).

1979 World Men’s Figure Skating Championship in Vienna won by Vladimir Kovalev (USSR).

1981 FC Lisse, Dutch soccer team, forms.

1981 In Italy the Propaganda Due Masonic Lodge is discovered.

1982 Four Dutch TV crew members shot dead in El Salvador: Hans ter Laag (sound technician), Jan Kuiper (news editor (IKON)), Joop Willemsen (cameraman), Koos Koster (newscaster (IKON)).

1983 70th hat trick in New York Islanders’ history-Mike Bossy.

1983 Birth of Christian and Joseph Cousins; American twin actors.

1983 Death of Haldan Keffer Hartline, American physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (born 1903).

1985 Dattu Phadkar, cricket player (Indian all-rounder, 31 Tests 1947-58), dies.

1985 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Women’s Kemper Golf Open.

1985 Matti Nykanen of Finland set a world ski jump record of 623 feet.

1985 Near the coast of Central Chile, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurs.

1985 Serial killer Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker”, commits his first two murders in Los Angeles, California murder spree.

1986 Birth of Olesya Rulin; Russian-born actress.

1986 Haemers gang robs gold transport in Belgium of 35 million Belgian francs.

1987 Death of Santo Trafficante, Jr., American gangster (b. 1914)

1987 Sunil Gavaskar ends his Test career with an inning of 96 versus Pakistan.

1988 A Colombian Boeing 727 jetliner, Avianca Flight 410, crashes into the side of the mountains near the Venezuelan border killing 143.

1988 A Colombian Boeing 727 jetliner, Avianca Flight 410, crashes into the side of the mountains near the Venezuelan border killing 143.

1988 Apple Computer files a copyright infringement suit against Microsoft, claiming copyright infringement by Windows 2.0 of graphical display technology used in the Macintosh.

1988 Highest scoring NCAA basketball game: Loyola-Marymnt 119, Wyoming 115.

1988 Iran says Iraq uses poison gas.

1988 Reg Sinfield, cricket player (one Test for England versus Australia 1938), dies.

1988 The Nadew Command, an Ethiopian army corps in Eritrea, is attacked on three sides by military units of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) in the opening action of the Battle of Afabet.

1989 Death of Merritt Butrick, American actor (b. 1959)

1990 Death of Capucine, French actress (b. 1931)

1990 Mar? Mej?a, Guatemalian feminist, murdered.

1990 PBA National Championship Won by Jim Pencak.

1990 Rick Grech, British rock bassist (Blind Faith, Traffic), dies at age 44 (born 1946).

1991 Penny Hammel wins Desert Inn LPGA Golf International.

1991 USSR holds a referendum to determine if they should stay together; 9 of 15 Soviet representatives officially approve new union treaty.

1992 18th People’s Choice Awards: Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire.

1992 An Islamic Jihad suicide car-bomb goes off in the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 29 and injuring 242.

1992 A South African referendum asking whether to end Apartheid succeeds by a majority “Yes” vote.

1992 A suicide car-bomb kills 29 and injures 242 at the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1992 George Lovi, US columnist (Sky and Telescope’s “Ramblings”), dies.

1992 Grace Stafford Lantz, cartoon voice (Woody Woodpecker), dies at age 87.

1992 Russian manned space craft TM-14, launches into orbit.

1993 86 killed by bomb attack in Calcutta, India.

1993 Birth of Julia Winter, Swedish actress.

1993 Death of Helen Hayes, American actress (b. 1900)

1993 Laadi Flici, Algerian Member of Parliament, murdered.

1994 Arthur C Jacobs, poet, dies at age 57.

1994 Harold Myers, film journalist, dies at age 81.

1994 Iran transport aircraft crashes in Azerbaijan (32 killed).

1994 It is announced there is no smoking in Cleveland Indians’ new ballpark.

1995 Ahmad Khomeini, youngest son of Iranian ayatollah Khomeini, dies at age 48.

1995 British pound hits 2.4545 to Dutch guilder (record).

1995 Death of Ronnie Kray, British gangster (b. 1933)

1995 Donald Baverstock, television producer, dies at age 71.

1995 Marcus Jan Adriani, biologist/director (Weevers’ Duin), dies at age 56.

1995 Rick Aviles, US comic/actor (Ghost), dies of AIDS (born 1952).

1995 Ronald Kray, English gangster (The Firm), dies at age 61 (born 1933).

1995 Sinn-Fein leader Gerry Adams visits White House.

1995 Sunnyland Smart, jazz/blues singer/pianist (Delta Blues), dies at age 87.

1995 US approves first chicken pox vaccine, Varivax by Merck and Co.

1996 Aravinda De Silva gets 107 and 3-42 in cricket World Cup victory.

1996 Bela Szigetim, theoretical physicist, dies at age 83.

1996 Club Kids Michael Alig and Robert Freeze Riggs murder Angel Melendez.

1996 Kenneth Jameson, art educationalist, dies at age 83.

1996 Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA Ping/Welch’s Golf Championship.

1996 Mike Tyson beats Frank Bruno in third round to gain Heavyweight title.

1996 Montreal Canadiens play first game in their new arena.

1996 RenT ClTment, French film director, dies at age 83 (born 1913).

1996 Sri Lanka wins the Cricket World Cup by storming to a Seven wicket victory against the tournament favourite Australia.

1996 Thomas Enders, diplomat, dies at age 64.

1997 CNN begins Spanish broadcasts.

1997 Death of Jermaine Stewart, American singer (born 1957).

1997 Gail Davis, actress (Annie Oakley), dies at age 71.

1997 The Dow Jones Industrial Average removes Westinghouse Electric, Texaco Incorporated, Bethlehem Steel, and Woolworth from its index, replacing them with Travelers Group, Hewlett-Packard Company, Johnson & Johnson, and Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated.

1998 USA Women’s Hockey Team beats Canada for first Olympic Gold medal.

1999 Death of Ernest Gold, Austrian composer (b. 1921)

1999 In Germany, the Krupp and Thyssen Companies (steel) complete their merger.

2000 Ron Watson (aka “Uncle Ron the Magician”) dies of a heart attack while putting on a magic show for a group of hospital patients at Tokoroa Hospital in New Zealand.

2002 Death of Rosetta LeNoire, American actress and producer (b. 1911)

2002 In Islamabad, Pakistan, the International Protestant Church attack occurs.

2002 Portugal holds parliamentary elections.

2003 British Cabinet Minister, Robin Cook, resigns over government plans for war with Iraq.

2003 U.S. President George W. Bush gives an ultimatum: Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and his sons must either leave Iraq, or face military action at a time of the U.S.’s choosing.

2004 Death of J.J. Jackson, American television personality (b. 1941)

2004 Massive Unrest in Kosovo. Over 22 killed, 200 wounded, 35 destroyed Serb Orthodox shrines in Kosovo and two mosques in Belgrade and Nis.

2004 Pogrom-like organized violence breaks out over two days in Kosovo. Nineteen people are killed, 139 Serbian homes burned, schools and businesses vandalized, and over 30 Orthodox monasteries and churches burned and destroyed.

2005 Death of George F. Kennan, American Cold War strategist and historian (b. 1904)

2005 During over 11 hours of the Committee on Government Reform hearing concerning major league player use of steroids, Mark McGwire refuses to talk about the past and does not deny taking performance enhancing drugs.

2006 Death of Bob Blue, American singer-songwriter

2006 The United States strikes its two remaining Iowa-class battleships from the Naval Vessel Register, ending the age of the battleship.

2007 Birth of HRH Prince Abdul Muntaqim, son of HRH Al-Muhtadee Billah and his wife, HRH Pengiran Anak Sarah, the Crown Prince and Princess of Brunei.

2007 Chlorine bombs injure hundreds in Baghdad, Iraq.

2007 Death of Jim Cronin, British businessman (born 1952).

2008 Price of an ounce of silver peaks at US$20.92.

2008 Price of gold hits a record US$1011.25 per ounce on the London market.

2008 Share prices of American investment bank Lehman Brothers lose 20 percent of value on the stock market.

2008 The US dollar hits an all-time low of US$1.59 to the euro.

2009 Martin Brodeur, goalie for the NHL’s New Jersey Devils, wins his 552nd game, breaking the former NHL record.

2009 The President of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana, is overthrown in a coup d’Ttat, following a month of rallies in Antananarivo. The military appoints opposition leader Andry Rajoelina as the new president.