This Week In History 1/1/2014


1196 Birth of Emperor Tsuchimikado of Japan (d. 1231)

1322 Death of King Philip V of France (b. 1293)

1322 Philip V the Tall, King of France (1316-22), dies.

1338 Jacob of Arteveld elected mayor of Ghent.

1407 Bloody battles between Hoeksen and Kabeljauwen in Dordrecht.

1431 Joan of Arc handed over to the bishop.

1431 Joan of Arc is handed over to the Bishop Pierre Cauchon.

1437 Death of Catherine of Valois, wife of Henry V of England (b. 1401)

1496 Leonardo da Vinci unsuccessfully tests a flying machine.

1501 Ali Sjir Neva’i [Fani] Turkish poet/author, dies at age 59.

1521 Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther in the papal bull Decet Romanum Pontificem.

1521 Pope Leo X publishes his Papal Bull Decet Romanum pontificem, condemning Martin Luther and officially excommunicating the Augustinian monk for burning Leo’s previous bull Exsurge Domine.

1543 Death of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, Portuguese explorer (b. 1499)

1543 Juan Cabrillo conqueror of Central America, discoverer of California, dies.

1552 Henry II of Bavaria bishop of Utrecht (1524-29), dies at age 64.

1560 Peder Palladus Danish church reformer (Visitasbog), dies at about age 56.

1570 Bartholomeus Latomus [Steinmetz], Flemish archbishop of Trier, dies.

1571 Death of Joachim II Hektor at age 65; Elector of Brandenburg.

1624 Birth of William Tucker first Black child born in America.

1628 Francesco Maria Guaitoli composer, dies at age 64.

1638 Dutch Premier Van Joost speaks of “Hostage rights of Aemstel”.

1638 Schouwburg Theatre, the first in Amsterdam, opens.

1641 Death of Jeremiah Horrocks, English astronomer

1641 Jeremiah Horrocks English astronomical prodigy, dies at age 22.

1656 Death of Mathieu MolT, French statesman (b. 1584)

1661 Maria Henri?tte Stuart (of Orange) English Princess Royal/eldest daughter of the English king Charles I/mother of English king William III, dies of smallpox at age 29.

1667 Russia and Poland sign Truce of Androsovo.

1670 Death of George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, English soldier (b. 1608)

1670 George Monck English General (-to the-sea), dies at age 61.

1680 Birth of Johann Baptist Zimmermann; German stucco worker.

1690 Death of Hillel ben Naphtali Zevi, Lithuanian rabbi (b. 1615)

1710 Birth of Richard Gridley, American Revolutionary soldier (d. 1796)

1719 Birth of Francisco JosT Freire, Portuguese historian and philologist (d. 1773)

1722 Birth of Fredric Hasselquist, Swedish naturalist (d. 1752)

1730 Birth of Charles Palissot de Montenoy French writer/politician.

1737 Birth of Heinrich Wilhelm von Gerstenberg in Tondern, Denmark; musician, theorist of the “Sturm und Drang” movement in German literature.

1746 Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army leaves Glasgow.

1749 Benning Wentworth issues the first of the New Hampshire Grants, leading to the establishment of Vermont.

1750 Tax revolt in Haarlem Netherlands.

1752 Birth of Johannes von Muller in Schaffhausen, Switzerland; historian, “the Swiss Tacitus.”

1752 East Indies invasion “Geldermalsen” leaves at Malakka; 92 killed.

1757 Birth of Johann Abraham Sixt composer.

1759 Marquis and Marquess of Tavora Portuguese nobles, executed.

1761 Willem de Fesch Dutch violinist/composer (Joseph), dies at age 73.

1763 Birth of Joseph Fesch French cardinal/war commission/earl/senator.

1777 Battle of Princeton. American general George Washington defeats British general Charles Cornwallis.

1777 Birth of Louis Poinsot French instrument worker.

1777 Washington defeats British at Battle of Princeton, New Jersey.

1778 Birth of Antoni Melchior Fija?kowski, Polish bishop (d. 1861)

1779 Death of Claude Bourgelat, French veterinary surgeon (b. 1712)

1780 Danish national anthem “Kong Kristian”, first sung.

1785 Death of Baldassare Galuppi, Italian composer (b. 1706)

1786 Birth of Johann Christian Friedrich Schneider composer.

1789 Birth of Carl G Carus German physician/psychologist/philosopher.

1793 Birth of Lucretia Mott, American women’s rights activist and abolitionist (d. 1880)

1795 Death of Josiah Wedgwood, English potter (b. 1730)

1795 Josiah Wedgwood British, ceramic craftsman/woodworker, dies at age 64.

1803 Birth of Douglas William Jerrold, British playwright and satirist (d. 1857)

1810 Birth of Antoine T d’Abbadie French explorer (Ethiopia).

1815 Austria, Britain, and France form a secret defensive alliance treaty against Prussia and Russia.

1819 Birth of Thomas Hill Watts Attorney General (Confederacy), died in 1892.

1821 Birth of Joseph Reinkens in Aachen, Germany; Roman Catholic priest, leader in the “Old Catholic” movement in Germany and its first bishop.

1823 Birth of Jaak-Nikolaas Lemmens Flemish composer.

1823 Stephen F. Austin receives a grant of land in Texas from the government of Mexico.

1825 Rensselaer School, the first engineering college in the U.S. is opened in Troy, New York. It is now known as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

1825 Scottish factory owner Robert Owen buys 30,000 acres in Indiana as site for New Harmony utopian community.

1826 Death of Louis Gabriel Suchet, French marshal (b. 1770)

1829 Birth of John G R Acquoy theologist/church historian.

1829 Robert Archibald Smith composer, dies at age 48.

1830 Birth of Alexander Ewing composer.

1831 First US building and loan association organized, Frankford Pennsylvania.

1833 Britain seizes control of Falkland Islands in South Atlantic.

1833 Britain seizes control of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

1834 The government of Mexico imprisons Stephen F. Austin in Mexico City.

1835 Birth of Larkin Goldsmith Mead sculptor.

1835 Willem F R�ell Dutch baron/minister of Internal Affairs, dies at age 67.

1836 Friedrich Witt composer, dies at age 65.

1840 Birth of Father Damien, Belgian missionary in Hawaii (d. 1889)

1840 First deep sea sounding.

1841 Wilhelmus Kist writer/director of Dutch (Official) Gazette, dies at age 82.

1847 California town of Yerba Buena renamed San Francisco.

1848 Joseph Jenkins Roberts is sworn in as the first president of the independent African Republic of Liberia.

1852 First Chinese arrive in Hawaii.

1852 First Chinese arrive in Hawaii.

1853 Birth of Iwan Knorr composer.

1853 Theodor Uhlig composer, dies at age 30.

1855 Birth of Hubert Bland, English socialist (d. 1914)

1858 Rachel [Elisabeth Rachel-FTlix], French singer/actress (Muse), dies at age 36.

1861 American Civil War: Delaware votes not to secede from the United States.

1861 Delaware legislature rejects proposal to join Confederacy.

1861 Fort Pulaski and Fort Jackson, Savannah, seized by Georgia.

1862 Romney Campaign – Stonewall Jackson moves north from Winchester.

1865 Con Orem and Hugh O’Neill box 193 rounds before darkness ends match.

1865 Jozef Lies Flemish painter, dies at age 43.

1868 Birth of Franz V M Cumont Belgian religious historian.

1868 Meiji Restoration returns authority to Japan’s emperors.

1868 Moritz Hauptmann composer, dies at age 75.

1868 The Japanese Meiji dynasty is restored and the Shogunate is abolished.

1869 Birth of Paul Charles Rene Landormy composer.

1870 Birth of Henry Eichheim composer.

1870 Brooklyn Bridge construction begins; completed May 24, 1883.

1870 Constantine D Uschinsky Russian educationalist, dies at age 46.

1871 Henry W. Bradley patents oleomargarine.

1871 Oleomargarine patented by Henry Bradley, Binghamton New York.

1872 First patent list issued by US Patent Office.

1873 John Lodge Ellerton composer, dies at age 71.

1875 Baldassare Galuppi Italian composer (opera’s buff), dies at age 68.

1875 Death of Pierre Larousse, French editor and encyclopedist (b. 1817)

1875 George Bizet composer, dies.

1876 Birth of Wilhelm Pieck in Germany; founding member of the German Communist Party (KPD), co-leader of the Socialist Unity Party (SED), President of the German Democratic Republic (1949-1960).

1876 First free kindergarten in US opens in Florence Massachusetts.

1877 In Warrenton, Missouri, a meteorite falls to the ground; no damage or injuries.

1879 Birth of Grace Coolidge, First Lady of the United States (d. 1957)

1882 Birth of Willem Benoy Flemish actor/director (Pygmalion).

1882 William H Ainsworth English writer (Guy Fawkes), dies at age 76.

1883 Birth of Clement Attlee, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1967)

1884 Birth of Eli S Jones US, evangelist (Christ of Indian road).

1886 Birth of Arthur Mailey cricket player (great Aussie leg-spinner and cartoonist).

1887 Birth of August Macke, German painter (d. 1914)

1888 First wax drinking straw patented, by Marvin C Stone in Washington DC.

1888 Marvin C. Stone patents the drinking straw.

1888 The 91 cm refracting telescope at Lick Observatory is used for the first time. It was the largest telescope in the world at the time.

1889 Admissions convention meets in Ellensburg Washington, asks for statehood.

1890 First US college-level dairy school opens at University of Wisconsin.

1891 Birth of Osip E Mandelstam Polish/Russian poet/author (Kamenj).

1892 Birth of J. R. R. Tolkien, British writer and philologist (d. 1973)

1893 Birth of Pierre Drieu La Rochelle French novelist/essayist (Gilles).

1894 Birth of Pola Negri, Polish actress (d. 1987)

1895 Birth of Boris Mykolayovich Lyatoshyns’ky composer.

1896 Emperor Wilhelm congratulates President Kruger on the Jameson Raid.

1897 Birth of Marion Davies, American actress (d. 1961)

1898 Birth of Johannes Hin Holland, yachtsman (Olympics-gold-1920).

1898 James Wimshurst British designer/inventor (vacuum pump), dies at age 70.

1899 The first known use of the word automobile, in an editorial in The New York Times.

1900 Birth of Dorothy Arnzer director.

1900 Edwin George Monk composer, dies at age 80.

1900 Gerhart Hauptmanns “Schluck und Jau” premieres in Berlin.

1900 Perihelion Passage.

1901 Birth of Ngo Dinh Diem, President of South Vietnam (d. 1963)

1902 Birth of Henry Lennox d’Aubigny Hopkinson diplomat/politician.

1902 Reg Duff 104 on Test debut, versus England at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

1903 Birth of Charles Foulkes Canada, General.

1904 Birth of Boris Kochno Russian ballet dancer (La Chatte).

1905 Birth of Anna May Wong, American actress (d. 1961)

1906 Birth of Roman Brandstaetter writer.

1907 Birth of Ray Milland, Welsh actor (d. 1986)

1907 Josef Foerster composer, dies at age 73.

1909 Birth of Victor Borge, Danish entertainer and humorist (d. 2000)

1910 Birth of Thomas Stuart Willan historian.

1910 British miners strike for 8 hour working day.

1911 Birth of John Sturges, American director (d. 1982)

1911 US postal savings bank inaugurated.

1912 Birth of Armand Lohikoski, Finnish director (d. 2005)

1912 Southern Pacific Railroad offers to bring Liberty Bell to Exposition, free.

1914 Birth of Jean Louvel Flemish pianist/conductor/composer.

1914 Kelman/Cushing/Heath’ musical “Sari” premieres in New York City, New York.

1914 Stephane Raoul Pugno composer, dies at age 62.

1915 James E Flecker British diplomat/novelist (Hassan), dies at age 30.

1916 Birth of Betty Furness, American actress and consumer activist (d. 1994)

1917 Birth of Roger W. Straus, Jr., American publisher (d. 2004)

1918 Birth of Maxene Andrews Minnesota, singer (Andrew Sisters-Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy).

1918 US employment service opens as a unit of Department of Labor.

1920 Arthur Honegger’s “Chant de Nigamon” premieres.

1920 Birth of Renato Carosone, Italian musician and singer (d. 2001)

1920 Curse of the Bambino: The Boston Red Sox sell Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for a sum of $125,000 and a loan of more than $300,000.

1920 New York Yankees purchase Babe Ruth from Boston Red Sox for $125,000.

1921 Birth of John Russell Los Angeles California; actor (Pale Rider, Rio Bravo).

1921 Turkey makes peace with Armenia.

1921 Turkey makes peace with Armenia.

1922 Birth of Bill Travers Newcastle-on-Tyne England; actor (Born Free, Gorgo).

1922 Canadian Governor General Julian Byng strikes the first two nickel 5c coins of Canada, at the mint in Ottawa.

1922 Death of Berthold Delbruck in Jena, Germany; linguist, initiated study of Indo-European languages.

1922 First living person identified on a US coin (Thomas E Kirby) on the Alabama Centennial half-dollar.

1923 Death of Jaroslav Hasek, Czech novelist (b. 1883)

1924 Birth of Nell Rankin, American soprano (d. 2005)

1924 English explorer Howard Carter discovers the sarcophagus of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor, Egypt.

1925 Benito Mussolini announces he is taking dictatorial powers over Italy.

1925 Benito Mussolini dissolves Italian parliament/becomes dictator.

1926 Birth of George Martin, English producer of The Beatles’ records

1926 Greek General Theodorus P�ngulos names himself dictator.

1927 Death of Carle David TolmT Runge, German physicist (b. 1856)

1928 Birth of Frank Ross Anderson in Canada; International Chess Master (1954).

1929 27-year-old William S Paley becomes CBS president.

1929 Birth of Sergio Leone, Italian director (d. 1989)

1929 Donald Bradman scores 112 versus England at Melbourne Cricket Ground – his first Test century.

1930 Birth of Robert Loggia, American actor

1931 Joseph J C Joffre, French World War I general, dies at age 78.

1931 Nels Stewart of MontrTal Maroons scores two goals in 4 seconds (record).

1932 Birth of Dabney Coleman, American actor

1932 Martial law declared in Honduras to stop revolt by banana workers fired by United Fruit.

1933 Death of Wilhelm Cuno, 6th Chancellor of the Weimar Republic (Germany) (b. 1876)

1933 Wilhelm Cuno, German Reich’s chancellor (1922-23), dies at age 56.

1934 Birth of Carla Hills; politician (US Presidential Commission on Housing-1982).

1936 Birth of Georgina Spelvin, pornographic actress

1938 Arthur Boon, Flemish priest/philologist, dies at age 54.

1938 March of Dimes established to fight polio.

1938 The March of Dimes is established by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1938 Woman in White is first broadcast on the NBC Red network. The program remains on the radio for the next 10 years.

1939 Birth of Bobby Hull, Canadian hockey player

1941 Birth of Van Dyke Parks, American musician, composer

1941 British forces assault the Italian army at Bardia, inside the Libyan frontier. They capture 45,000 troops, 129 tanks, 400 guns, and 706 trucks.

1941 Canada and US acquire air bases in Newfoundland (99 year lease).

1941 Italian counter-offensive in Albania.

1942 American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) Command forms.

1942 Birth of John Thaw, British actor (d. 2002)

1942 Pauline Beersmans [PLJM van Cuyck], Flemish actress, dies at age 70.

1943 Canadian Army troops arrive in North Africa.

1943 First missing persons telecast (New York City, New York).

1944 Birth of Christina von Saltza; American swimmer (Olympics-3 gold/silver-1960).

1944 Death of Jurgis Baltru?aitis, Lithuanian poet (b. 1873)

1945 Allies land on west coast of Burma, conquer Akyab.

1945 Birth of Stephen Stills, American singer, songwriter, and guitarist

1945 Death of Edgar Cayce, American psychic (b. 1877)

1945 Greek General Plastiras forms government.

1945 US aircraft carriers attack Okinawa.

1946 (0900 hours) At Wandsworth Prison in London, England, William Joyce is hanged. Known as “Lord Haw Haw”, Joyce was an American citizen, who made regular wartime broadcasts over German radio, making him one of the most hated men in Great Britain.

1946 Birth of John Paul Jones, English bassist (Led Zeppelin)

1946 Death of William Joyce, American Nazi propagandist (executed) (b. 1906)

1946 Great Britain, Canada, and the United States make their first public disclosures about their chemical and biological warfare efforts during the war. American authorities reveal that they were prepared to act both defensively and offensively if Germany or Japan had started such warfare against the Allies.

1947 Birth of Sergey Filipovich Protchenko; Russian cosmonaut.

1947 First opening session of US Congress to be televised.

1947 Proceedings of the U.S. Congress are televised for the first time.

1948 Birth of Manfred Kokot; East German runner (world record 50 metre indoor).

1948 Donald Bradman completes dual Test tons (132 and 127*) versus India Melbourne Cricket Ground.

1949 Birth of Sylvia Likens, torture victim.

1949 Death of Robert Aitken, American coin designer.

1950 Death of Emil Jannings, Swiss actor (b. 1884)

1951 Birth of Frank Chikane; Secretary-General of South African Council of Churches.

1951 Dragnet is first broadcast on NBC-TV.

1951 Fred Wilt wins Amateur Athletic Union Sullivan Memorial Trophy (US athlete of 1950).

1952 Australia beats West Indies by one wicket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, last stand 38.

1952 Birth of Jim Ross, professional wrestling announcer

1953 Birth of Angelo Parisi in France; heavyweight judo (Olympics-gold-1980).

1953 Frances Bolton and her son, Oliver from Ohio, become the first mother and son to serve simultaneously in the U.S. Congress.

1955 JosT Ramon Guizado becomes President of Panam�.

1956 Birth of Mel Gibson, Australian actor and director

1956 Death of Joseph Wirth in Freiburg, Germany; chancellor of the Weimar Republic (1921-22).

1957 Birth of Bojan Kri?, Slovenian skier

1957 First electric watch introduced, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

1957 Hamilton Watch Company introduces the first electric watch.

1958 Edmund Hillary reaches South Pole overland.

1958 Lindsay Kline takes a hat-trick versus South Africa at Cape Town.

1958 The West Indies Federation is formed.

1959 Alaska becomes the 49th state to join the USA.

1959 Alaska is admitted as the 49th U.S. state.

1959 Birth of Rusty Golden; rocker (Boys Band).

1960 Birth of Joan Chen, Chinese actress

1961 Adam Clayton Powell elected Chairman of US House Education and Labor.

1961 Birth of Erwin Blom; Dutch singer/guitarist (Eton Crop).

1961 The SL-1, a government-run reactor near Idaho Falls, Idaho leaks radiation, killing three workers.

1961 The United States severs diplomatic relations with Cuba.

1962 Birth of Darren Daulton; US baseball catcher (Philadelphia Phillies).

1962 Pope John XXIII excommunicates Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

1962 Pope John XXIII excommunicates Fidel Castro.

1963 Birth of Aamer Malik; cricket player (Pakistani batsman in 13 Tests 1987-90).

1963 Death of Jack Carson, Canadian actor (b. 1910)

1963 Oscar Backing, Austria/Netherlands viola player, dies at age 83.

1964 Birth of Cheryl Miller in Riverside, California, USA; basketball player (Olympics-gold-1984).

1965 Birth of Daniel Stubbs; NFL defensive end (Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins).

1966 Birth of Chetan Sharma; cricket player (Indian Test bowler, World Cup hat-trick 1987).

1966 The first Acid Test at the Fillmore, San Francisco, California.

1967 Birth of Demetri Davis; WLAF tight end (Barcelona Dragons).

1967 Death of Mary Garden, Scottish soprano (b. 1874)

1967 Jack Ruby, assassin who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, dies at age 55.

1967 Mary Garden, opera star, dies at age 92.

1968 Birth of Kent Carlsson in Sweden; tennis star.

1969 Birth of Matt LaBounty; defensive end (Seattle Seahawks).

1970 Birth of James Brown; NFL tackle (New York Jets).

1970 Marxist government takes over in Congo.

1970 The Prairie Network of cameras on parairie states of the USA records the fall of a stony meteorite, with four fragments totalling 17kg recovered near Lost City in Oklahoma, Nebraska.

1971 Baltimore Colts beat Oakland Raiders 27-17 in AFC championship game.

1971 Birth of Cory Cross in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada; NHL defenseman (Tampa Bay Lightning).

1971 Dallas Cowboys beat San Francisco 49ers 17-10 in NFC championship game.

1972 Birth of Charles Johnson; NFL wide receiver (Pittsburgh Steelers).

1972 Frans Masereel, Flemish WWII resistance fighter (Le Soleil), dies at age 82.

1973 Birth of Paula Knoll in Moorhead, Minnesota, USA; Miss Minnesota-America (1995).

1973 Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) sells the New York Yankees for $12 million to a 12-person syndicate led by George Steinbrenner.

1973 George Steinbrenner III buys New York Yankees from CBS for US$12 million.

1974 Arias Navarro succeeds Carrero Blanco as premier of Spain.

1974 Birth of Stefan Ustorf in Kaufbeuren, Germany; NHL right wing (Washington Capitals).

1974 Burma accepts its constitution.

1974 Gold hits record US$121.25 an ounce in London, England.

1974 New York Yankees sign Bill Virdon as manager.

1975 Birth of Jason Marsden, American actor

1975 Milton J Cross, TV announcer (New York Metropolitan Opera Auditions), dies at age 87.

1975 Walter Linck, Swiss sculptor, dies at age 71.

1976 Birth of Mendel Witzenhauser; soccer player (Ajax, VVV).

1976 Mal Evans, Beatles’ roadie, dies.

1976 Michael V Love, US test pilot (X-24), dies in F-4 crash at age 37.

1976 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.

1977 Avraham Ofer, Israeli minister of housing, commits suicide.

1977 Benno Stokvis, Dutch attorney/politician, dies at age 75.

1977 Birth of Beata Handra in San Francisco, California; dance skater (and Sinek-1997 Pacific Coast Senior third).

1977 Lindy McDaniel retires with second most pitching appearances (987 games).

1978 Birth of Mike York, American ice hockey player

1978 Chandrasekar takes 6-52 and 6-52 at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Indian innings win.

1979 Conrad Hilton, US founder (Hilton Hotels), dies at age 91.

1979 Death of Conrad Hilton, American hotelier (b. 1887)

1980 Amos Milburn, rocker, dies at age 52.

1980 Axel Springer Jr, German photographer, commits suicide at age 38.

1980 Birth of Angela Ruggiero; ice hockey defenseman (USA, Olympics-1998).

1980 Death of Joy Adamson, Czech conservationist and author (b. 1910)

1980 Gold hits record US$634 an ounce.

1981 55th Australian Womens Tennis: H Mandlikova beats W Turnbull (6-0, 7-5).

1981 Birth of Eli Manning; American football player.

1981 Cleveland Cavaliers retire jersey #34, Austin Carr.

1981 Death of Princess Alice of Albany (b. 1883)

1981 Greg Chappell scores 204 versus India at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

1981 Mary Terstegge Meagher swims female record 100 metre butterfly (58.91s).

1982 Derek Sealy, cricket player (West Indies 1930-39), dies.

1983 Kilauea begins slowly erupting on the Big Island of Hawaii and is still flowing as of 2008.

1983 Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys makes the longest run from scrimmage in NFL history.

1983 Tony Dorsett sets NFL record with 99-yard rush, Dallas Cowboys versus Minnesota Vikings.

1984 Birth of Maya Ababadjani, Danish adult film actress.

1984 Syria frees captured US pilot after appeal from Jesse Jackson.

1985 Azharuddin scores 110 in first Test innings.

1985 Birth of John David Booty; American football quarterback, USC.

1985 Israel government confirms resettlement of 10,000 Ethiopian Jews.

1986 Birth of Lloyd Polite; American singer.

1987 Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1987 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts first female artist: Aretha Franklin.

1988 Death of Rose AuslSnder, German poet (b. 1901)

1988 Gaston Eyskens, Prime Minister of Belgium (1949, 1958-61, 1968-72), dies at age 82.

1988 Israel orders nine Palestinian “instigators” deported from West Beirut.

1988 Margaret Thatcher becomes longest-serving British Prime Minister this century.

1988 Margaret Thatcher becomes the longest-serving British Prime Minister in the 20th Century.

1989 Birth of Alex D. Linz, American actor.

1989 Death of Robert Banks, American chemist (born 1921).

1989 Russian newspaper Izvestia gets its first commercial advertisement.

1990 Former leader of Panama Manuel Noriega surrenders to American forces.

1990 Panam�’s leader General Manuel Noriega surrenders to US military troops to face charges of drug trafficking.

1991 Gulf War: The British government announces the expulsion of 75 Iraqis from the country.

1991 Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky scores his 700th goal.

1991 Israel reopens consulate in USSR after 23 years.

1991 Los Angeles Kings’ Wayne Gretzky scores his 700th goal, against New York Islanders.

1992 32 Cubans defect to the US via helicopter.

1992 Anthony Del Casino, band leader (Charlie Barnet Band), dies at age 79.

1992 Boon completes 11 Test Cricket century, 129 versus India at Sydney.

1992 Death of Dame Judith Anderson, Australian actress (b. 1897)

1992 Ken Grieves, cricket player (New South Wales and Lancashire leg-spin all-rounder), dies.

1992 Radomiro Tomic, Chilean President (1970), dies.

1993 Death of Sean Devereux, English Salesian missionary and aid worker (born 1965).

1993 In an AFC Wild Card game, the Buffalo Bills comeback from a 35-3 defecit against the Houston Oilers and win the game in overtime 41-38, the largest comeback in NFL history.

1993 In Dresden, Germany, reconstruction of the Frauenkirche church begins. The church had collapsed during bombing in 1945.

1993 In Moscow, George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin sign the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

1993 In Moscow, George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin sign the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

1993 “Lost in Yonkers” closes at Richard Rodgers New York City, New York after 780 performances.

1993 Peter Brocco, blacklisted in the 1950s, dies of heart attack at age 89.

1994 35-foot-tall Chief Wahoo, trademark of Cleveland Indians on top of Stadium since 1962, is taken down, to be moved to Jacob’s Field.

1994 An Aeroflot Tupolev TU-154 crashes and explodes after takeoff from Irkhutsk, Russia killing 125 including 1 on the ground.

1994 Hundreds killed in Venezuela in prison revolt.

1994 Roel Bazen, Dutch sound technician (Van Kooten and The Bie), dies at age 48.

1994 Tupolev-154M crashes at Irkutsk, Siberia; 122 killed.

1995 Al Duncan, drummer, dies at age 68.

1995 Byron MacGregor, newscaster, dies at age 56.

1995 Gerard W Taylor, South African/British surgeon, dies at age 74.

1995 Robert Nesbitt, impresario, dies at age 88.

1995 Vladislav Listiev, Russian talk show host/producer, assasinated.

1996 Geoffrey Pardoe, engineer, dies at age 67.

1996 Terence Tenison Cuneo, artist, dies at age 88.

1997 China announces it will spend $27.7 billion to fight erosion and pollution in the Yangtze and Yellow river valleys.

1997 Eddo Brandes takes ODI hat-trick versus England at Harare.

1997 Zimbabwe clean-sweep ODI series versus England 3-0.

1999 Israel detains, later to expel, 14 members of Concerned Christians.

1999 The Mars Polar Lander launches.

2000 The last “Peanuts” comic strip is created by Charles Schulz.

2000 (to January 10) Israel and Syria hold inconclusive peace talks.

2001 Death of JosT Greco, Italian-born flamenco dancer (born 1918).

2001 The 107th United States Congress is sworn in, including incoming freshmen Senators Bill Nelson (Democrat-Florida), Tom Carper (Democrat-Delaware), Debbie Stabenow (Democrat-Michigan), John Ensign (Republican-Nevada), George Allen (Republican-Virginia), Maria Cantwell (Democrat-Washington), Ben Nelson (Democrat-Nebraska), Hillary Clinton (Democrat-New York), Jon Corzine (Democrat-New Jersey), Jean Carnahan (Democrat-Missouri), and Mark Dayton (Democrat-Minnesota).

2002 Death of Freddy Heineken, Dutch-born beer magnate (born 1923).

2002 The University of Miami defeats Nebraska 37-14 in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California to win college football’s national championship.

2003 Death of Sid Gillman, American football coach (born 1911).

2003 Ohio State University becomes the first NCAA Division I Football team to complete a season 14-0 by winning the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl over the University of Miami 31-24, and is crowned BCS National Champion.

2003 The 108th United States Congress is sworn in, including incoming freshmen Senators Saxby Chambliss (Republican-Georgia), Lindsey Graham (Republican-South Carolina), John Sununu (Republican-New Hampshire), Lamar Alexander (Republican-Tennessee), Elizabeth Dole (Republican-North Carolina), Norm Coleman (Republican-Minnesota), and Mark Pryor (Democrat-Arkansas).

2003 The Ohio State University defeats the University of Miami in double-overtime in the Fiesta Bowl, 31-24, for the national Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title.

2004 Death of Leon Wagner, baseball player (b. 1934)

2004 Flash Airlines Flight 604 crashes into the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt, killing all 148 aboard.

2004 Flight 604, a Boeing 737 owned by Flash Airlines, an Egyptian airliner, plunges into the Red Sea, killing all 148 aboard.

2005 Death of Koo Chen-fu, Chinese negotiator (b. 1917)

2005 The Angels of Anaheim baseball team in California announces the franchise will now be known as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

2006 David Hill retires as chief engineer of the Corvette automobile, replaced by Tom Wallace.

2006 Death of Steve Rogers, Australian rugby player (born 1954).

2006 Intel announces it is dropping the 25-year old “Intel Inside” campaign and the 37-year old Intel logo with dropped “e”. The new logo is lowercase “intel” in an oval, with tag line “Leap ahead”.

2006 Twelve dead coal miners and one survivor are discovered in the Sago Mine Disaster near Buckhannon, West Virginia, USA.

2007 China conducts an anti-terror raid in Xinjiang.

2007 Death of Sergio JimTnez, Mexican actor (born 1937).

2008 A car bomb detonates, killing at least 4 and injuring 68, in Diyarbakir, Turkey. Police blame Kurdish rebels.

2008 Death of Yo-Sam Choi, Korean boxer (born 1972).

2008 In Iowa, USA, the Democratic caucuses choose Barack Obama as candidate for the presidential election on November. National front-runner Hillary Clinton places third, behind John Edwards. The Republican caucuses choose Mike Huckabee over Mitt Romney.

2008 In Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez announces a major cabinet reshuffle, naming Ramon Carrizales vice-president, and making 12 other cabinet changes.

2008 Rare snow flurries in southeast Florida, USA.

2009 A series of powerful earthquakes hits eastern Indonesia, the strongest with a magnitude of 7.6, north of the city of Manokwari in West Papua province.

2009 At the Hollywood Wheels Fort Lauderdale auction, a 1965 Shelby 427 SC Cobra CSX 3021 sells for US$3,780,000.

2009 Israel launches a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip as the Gaza War enters its second week.

2009 Jett Travolta, 16-year-old son of American actor John Travolta, dies suddenly of a seizure while on a family holiday in the Bahamas.