This Day In History Sept 19

1180 Death of King Louis VII of France (b. 1120)

1180 Philip Augustus becomes king of France.

1437 Farmer uprising in Transylvania.

1454 In the Battle of Chojnice, Polish army is defeated by Teutonic army during the Thirteen Years’ War.

1502 Christopher Columbus lands at Costa Rica on his fourth, and final, voyage.

1502 Christopher Columbus lands at Costa Rica on his fourth, and final, voyage.

1505 Birth of Maria of Austria, wife of Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia (d. 1558)

1544 Charles V of Germany and Francis I of France sign peace treaty.

1573 Spanish attack Alkmaar.

1587 Birth of Francesca Caccini, Italian composer (d. circa 1640)

1598 Death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Japanese warlord (b. 1536)

1630 Death of Melchior Klesl, Austrian cardinal and statesman (b. 1552)

1634 Anne Hutchinson arrives in the New World.

1635 Emperor Ferdinand II declares war on France.

1643 Birth of Gilbert Burnet, Scottish Bishop of Salisbury (d. 1715)

1663 Death of St Joseph of Cupertino, Italian saint (b. 1603)

1675 Death of Charles IV, Duke of Lorraine (b. 1604)

1679 New Hampshire becomes a county of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1684 Birth of Johann Gottfried Walther Erfurt Germany, composer/Musicographer.

1709 Birth of Dr Samuel Johnson writer (Boswell’s tour guide).

1718 Birth of Nikita Ivanovich Panin, Russian statesman (d. 1783)

1721 Death of Matthew Prior, English poet and diplomat (b. 1664)

1722 Death of AndrT Dacier, French classical scholar (b. 1651)

1733 Birth of George Read lawyer/signed Declaration of Independence.

1739 The Treaty of Belgrade is signed, ceding Belgrade to the Ottoman Empire.

1739 Treaty of Belgrade-Austria cedes Belgrade to Turks.

1750 Birth of Tomas de Iriarte, Spanish writer (d. 1791)

1752 Birth of Adrien-Marie Legendre mathematician, worked on elliptic integrals.

1755 Fort Ticonderoga, New York is opened.

1755 Fort Ticonderoga, New York opens.

1759 British troops capture QuTbec City during the French and Indian War.

1759 The British capture Quebec City.

1760 The town (later city) of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico is founded.

1765 Birth of Pope Gregory XVI (d. 1846)

1769 Boston Gazette reports first US piano (a spinet).

1769 The first American-built piano is reported by the Boston Gazette.

1779 Birth of Joseph Story Massachusetts, US Supreme Court justice (1812-45).

1783 Death of Leonhard Euler, Swiss mathematician (b. 1707)

1786 Birth of Justinus Kerner, German poet, medical writer (d. 1862)

1789 American government takes out first ever loan, a total of $191,608.81.

1792 Death of August Gottlieb Spangenberg, German religious leader (b. 1704)

1793 George Washington lays the cornerstone of the US Capitol building.

1793 The first cornerstone of the Capitol building is laid by George Washington.

1794 Austrian army is decisively defeated at the battle of Sprimont.

1809 Royal Opera House in London opens.

1809 The Royal Opera House in London opens.

1810 Chile declares independence from Spain.

1810 First Government Junta in Chile. Though supposed to rule only in the absence of the king, it was in fact the first step towards independence from Spain, and it is commemorated as such.

1811 English expeditionary army conquerors Dutch Indies.

1812 Birth of Herschel Vespasian Johnson, American politician (d. 1880)

1812 Fire in Moscow destroys 90% of houses & 1,000 churches.

1819 Birth of Jean-Bernard-LTon Foucault his pendulum proved Earth rotates.

1827 Death of Robert Pollok, Scottish poet (b. 1789)

1830 A horse beats the first US-made locomotive in a race near Baltimore, Maryland.

1830 A horse beats the first U.S.-made locomotive near Baltimore.

1838 Anti-Corn Law League established by Richard Cobden.

1838 Birth of Anton Mauve, Dutch artist (d. 1888)

1842 The first edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is published.

1850 The U.S. Congress passes the Fugitive Slave Act.

1851 The New-York Daily Times, which will become The New York Times, begins publishing.

1857 Birth of John Hessin Clarke, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (d. 1945)

1858 Birth of Kate Booth, the oldest daughter of William and Catherine Booth (d. 1955)

1860 Death of Joseph Locke, English railway builder and civil engineer (b. 1805)

1862 General Robert E. Lee’s army pulls away from Antietam Creek.

1863 American Civil War: Battle of Chickamauga

1863 Birth of Hermann Kutter, Swiss theologian (d. 1931)

1866 The Grand Masonic Lodge of Nevada lays the cornerstone for the Carson City Mint.

1868 First convocation of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.

1870 Birth of Clark Wissler anthropologist (American Indian).

1870 Old Faithful Geyser is observed and named by Henry D. Washburn.

1872 King Oscar II accedes to the throne of Sweden-Norway.

1873 The Panic of 1873 begins.

1876 Birth of James Scullin, ninth Prime Minister of Australia (d.1953)

1881 Chicago Tribune reports on a televide experiment.

1882 Pacific Stock Exchange opens (as the Local Security Board).

1882 Pacific Stock Exchange opens (as the Local Security Board).

1883 Birth of Lord Berners (Gerald Tyrwhitt) England, composer (first Childhood).

1885 Riots break out in Montreal to protest compulsory smallpox vaccination.

1888 Start of the Sherlock Holmes adventure “The Sign of Four”.

1889 Birth of Doris Blackburn, Australian politician (d. 1970)

1891 Death of William Ferrel, American mathematician (b. 1817)

1893 Birth of Arthur Benjamin Sydney Australia, composer (Jamaican Rumba).

1895 Birth of John G Diefenbaker Neustadt Ontario, 13th Canadian Prime Minister (Conservative) (1957-63).

1895 Booker T Washington delivers “Atlanta Compromise” address.

1895 Booker T Washington delivers “Atlanta Compromise” address.

1895 Daniel David Palmer makes the first chiropractic adjustment.

1895 D.D. Palmer of Davenport, Iowa, becomes first chiropractor.

1896 Death of Hippolyte Fizeau, French physicist (b. 1819)

1898 Lord Kitchener’s ships reach Fashoda, Sudan.

1901 Birth of Harold Clurman producer/director (Deadline at Dawn).

1903 Phillie’s Chick Fraser no-hits Chicago Cubs, 10-0.

1904 Completion of the first crossing of the Canadian Rockies in an automobile.

1905 Birth of Agnes De Mille New York City, choreographer (Oklahoma).

1905 Death of George MacDonald, Scottish writer and minister (b. 1824)

1905 Electric tramline opens in Rotterdam.

1906 A typhoon with tsunami kills an estimated 10,000 people in Hong Kong.

1907 Birth of Leon Askin, Austrian actor (d. 2005)

1908 Cleveland Indian Bob “Dusty” Rhoades no-hits Boston, 2-1.

1910 In Amsterdam, 25,000 demonstrate for general male/female suffrage.

1911 Birth of Syd Howe, Canadian hockey player (d. 1976)

1911 Britain’s first twin-engine airplane (Short S.39) test flown.

1911 The first British twin-engined plane is test flown.

1914 Battle of Aisne ends with Germans beating French during WW I.

1914 The Irish Home Rule Bill becomes law, but is delayed until after World War I.

1914 World War I: South African troops land in German South West Africa.

1914 World War I: The Battle of Aisne ends with Germans beating French.

1915 Birth of Ethel Greenglass in New York, USA; secretary for U.S. Army Signal Corps, executed for spying.

1915 Boston Braves trounce Saint Louis Cardinals 20-1.

1916 Birth of John J Rhodes (Representative-Republican-Arizona).

1917 Birth of June Foray, American voice actress

1918 Birth of John Berger, English politician

1919 Fritz Pollard becomes the first African-American to play professional football for a major team, the Akron Pros.

1919 Fritz Pollard becomes the first African-American to play professional football for a major team, the Akron Pros.

1919 Hurricane tides 16 feet above normal drown 280 along Gulf Coast.

1919 The Netherlands gives women the right to vote.

1919 The Netherlands gives women the right to vote.

1920 Birth of Jack Warden in Newark, New Jersey, USA; actor (NYPD, Crazy Like a Fox, Norby).

1922 Birth of Ray Steadman-Allen, English composer

1922 Charles Ruijs de Beerenbrouck re-elected in the Netherlands.

1922 Hungary admitted to League of Nations.

1923 Birth of Peter Smithson, English architect (d. 2003)

1924 Death of Francis Herbert Bradley, British philosopher (b. 1846)

1925 Birth of Harvey Haddix, baseball player

1926 Birth of Bud Greenspan, American film producer and director

1926 Hurricane hits Miami and south Florida, USA, destroying hotels, piers, marinas, mansions built in preceding years. 400 killed, 50,000 made homeless.

1927 Birth of Bob Toski, American golfer

1927 Columbia Broadcasting System goes on the air.

1927 Columbia Broadcasting System goes on the air in the USA (16 radio stations).

1928 Birth of Phyllis Kirk, American actress

1928 Juan de la Cierva flies 1st helicopter above Channel.

1928 Walt Disney’s “Mickey Mouse” trademark application is granted.

1930 New York Yankees’ pitcher Red Ruffing hits two home runs to beat Saint Louis Browns, 7-6.

1931 Geli Raubal is found shot dead in Adolf Hitler’s apartment.

1931 Japan stages the Mukden Incident as a pretext to occupy Manchuria.

1931 The Mukden Incident gives Japan the pretext to invade and occupy Manchuria.

1932 Actress Peg Entwistle commits suicide by jumping from the H in the Hollywood sign.

1932 Birth of Nikolai N Rukavishnikov; cosmonaut (Soyuz 10, 16, 33).

1933 Birth of Jimmie Rodgers in Washington, USA; country singer (“Honeycomb”).

1934 Saint Louis Browns’ player Bobo Newsom loses no-hitter to Boston Braves in 10 innings, 2-1.

1934 USSR admitted to League of Nations.

1938 Despite losing a double header, New York Yankees clinch pennant number 10.

1938 New York Yankees win 10th pennant.

1939 Birth of Frankie Avalon, American musician

1939 Death of Stanis?aw Ignacy Witkiewicz, Polish writer, painter, and photographer (b. 1885)

1939 Russian forces reach Vilna and Brest-Litovsk in Poland, and meet with German forces. A joint German-Soviet military commission meets to draft plans for partition.

1939 World War II: A German U-boat sinks the British aircraft carrier HMS Courageous.

1939 World War II: Polish government of Ignacy Mo?cicki flees to Romania.

1940 Birth of Frankie Avalon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; actor (Beach movies), singer (“Venus”).

1940 Soviet Minister of Defence Marshal S.K. Timoshenko and Chief of General Staff K.A. Meretskov submit a war plan to Josef Stalin and Prime Minister Vyacheslav Molotov, proposing an attack on Germany north of the Pripet marshes, with a strong defence to the south, or vice-versa.

1940 World War II: Italian troops conquer Sidi Barrani.

1942 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation authorized.

1942 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation authorized for radio service.

1943 World War II: Hitler orders deportation of Danish Jews.

1943 World War II: The Jews of Minsk are massacred at Sobib=r.

1944 Birth of Charles Lacy Veach in Chicago, Illinois, USA; astronaut (STS 39).

1944 World War II: British submarine HMS Tradewind torpedoes Junyo Maru, 5,600 killed.

1945 1000 whites walk out of Gary, Indiana, schools to protest integration.

1945 Gen. Douglas MacArthur moves his command headquarters to Tokyo.

1945 In Gary, Indiana, 1000 whites walk out of schools to protest integration.

1946 Birth of Rocfo Jurado, Spanish singer and actress (d. 2006)

1946 Joe Louis knockouts Tami Mauriello in 1 round for the heavyweight boxing title.

1947 Country singers Ernest Tubb and Roy Acuff performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City, making it the venue’s first country performance.

1947 The United States Air Force becomes an independent service.

1947 The United States Air Force is created separate from the United States Army.

1947 The United States Department of Defense begins operation (formerly known as National Military Establishment).

1948 Birth of Ken Brett, baseball player (d. 2003)

1948 Communist Madiun-uprising in Dutch Indies.

1948 Margaret Chase Smith becomes the first woman elected to the Senate without completing another senator’s term when she defeats Democratic opponent Adrian Scolten.

1948 Ralph Bunche confirmed as acting UN mediator in Palestine.

1948 Ralph J Bunche confirmed as acting United Nations mediator in Palestine.

1949 Baseball major league record four grand slams hit.

1949 Birth of Jim McCrery, American politician

1949 Death of Frank Morgan, American actor (b. 1890)

1950 Birth of Shabana Azmi, Indian actress

1951 Birth of Benjamin Carson, American neurosurgeon

1952 Birth of Rick Pitino, American basketball coach

1954 Birth of Takao Doi, Japanese astronaut

1954 Cleveland Indians clinch American League pennant, beat Detroit Tigers (3-2).

1955 Ford produces 2,000,000th V8 engine.

1955 Toast of the Town becomes The Ed Sullivan Show.

1956 Birth of Peter Stastny, Slovak ice hockey player

1958 Birth of John Aldridge, Irish footballer

1959 Barbara Joanna Blakeley marries Zeppo Marx.

1959 Birth of Ryne Sandberg, baseball player

1959 Death of Benjamin PTret, French surrealist author

1959 Harvey Murray Glatman executed in a California gas chamber for murdering three young women in Los Angeles.

1959 Vanguard 3 launched into Earth orbit.

1960 Fidel Castro arrives in New York City as the head of the Cuban delegation to the United Nations.

1961 Birth of James Gandolfini, American actor

1961 Dag Hammarskjold, secretary general of the United Nations, is killed when his DC-6 plane crashes into the jungle in Zambia.

1961 Death of Dag Hammarskj�ld, Swedish United Nations Secretary-General, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1905)

1961 U.N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold dies in a plane crash while attempting to negotiate peace in the war-torn Katanga region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

1961 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya

1962 Birth of Joanne Catherall, English singer

1962 Rwanda, Burundi and Jamaica admitted to the United Nations.

1962 Rwanda, Burundi, Jamaica, and Trinidad admitted (105th-108th) to the United Nations.

1962 The Fellowship (FGFCMI) founded in Dallas, Texas.

1963 Birth of Rob Brettle, English historian

1963 Final game at Polo Grounds, 1,752 see Philadelphia Phillies beat New York Mets 5-1.

1964 Birth of Marco Masini, Italian singer-songwriter

1964 Constantine II of Greece marries Danish princess Anne-Marie.

1964 Death of Clive Bell, English art critic (b. 1881)

1964 North Vietnamese Army begins infiltration of South Vietnam.

1965 Mickey Mantle plays in his 2000th game.

1965 The first episode of “I Dream of Jeannie” shown on NBC.

1966 Birth of Spike; vocal/guitar (Ian Spice Breathe, Flash Cadillac-R&R Forever).

1967 Birth of Tara Fitzgerald, English actress

1967 Death of John Cockcroft, British physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1897)

1967 Esporte Clube Santo AndrT, from Brazil, is founded.

1968 Birth of Toni Kuko?, Croatian basketball player

1968 Ray Washburn (Saint Louis Cardinals) no-hits San Francisco Giants 2-0.

1970 Birth of Darren Gough, English cricketer

1970 Death of Jimi Hendrix, American musician (b. 1942)

1970 Jimi Hendrix, rock guitarist, dies at age 27 in London, England.

1971 Birth of Lance Armstrong, American cyclist

1972 Death of Robert Faesi in Zollikon, Switzerland; playwright, poet, author, professor of German literature at the University of Znrich.

1972 First Ugandans expelled by Idi Amin arrive in the UK.

1973 Birth of James Marsden, American actor

1973 East and West Germany are admitted to the United Nations.

1973 East and West Germany are both taken into the United Nations.

1974 Actress Doris Day wins a $22.8 million malpractice suit against her former lawyer.

1974 Birth of Sol Campbell, English footballer

1974 Hurricane Fifi strikes Honduras with 110 mph winds, 5,000 die.

1974 Hurricane Fifi strikes Honduras with 110 mph winds, 5,000 die.

1975 Birth of Anthony McPartlin, English television presenter

1975 FBI captures heiress/bank robber Patricia Campbell Hearst in San Francisco, California.

1975 Patty Hearst is arrested after a year on the FBI Most Wanted List.

1976 Dom Mintoff re-elected in Malta.

1976 Mao Tse Tung’s funeral takes place in Beijing.

1976 Rev. Sun Myung Moon holds “God Bless America” convention.

1977 Birth of Li Tie, Chinese footballer

1977 Death of Paul Bernays, Swiss mathematician (b. 1888)

1977 US Voyager I takes 1st space photograph of Earth & Moon together.

1977 US Voyager I takes the first space photograph of the Earth and Moon together.

1978 Leaders of Israel and Egypt reach a settlement for the Middle East at Camp David.

1979 Birth of Alison Lohman, American actress

1979 Bolshoi Ballet dancers Leonid and Valentina Kozlov defect.

1979 Bolshoi Ballet dancers Leonid & Valentina Kozlov defect.

1980 Death of Katherine Anne Porter, American novelist

1980 Soyuz 38 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Cuban) to Salyut 6 space station.

1980 Soyuz 38 carries two cosmonauts (one Cuban) to Salyut 6 space station.

1981 A museum honoring former U.S. President Ford is dedicated in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

1981 France abolishes capital punishment.

1981 Georgia General Assembly approved a joint resolution proposing a new constitution for the state.

1982 Birth of Lukas Reimann; Swiss politician.

1982 Christian militia begin massacre of 600 Palestinians in Lebanon.

1983 George Meegen completes 2,426-day (19,000 miles) walk across Western Hemisphere.

1983 New Orleans Saints’ first overtime victory; beating Chicago Bears 34-31.

1984 Detroit Tigers become fourth team to stay in first place from opening day.

1984 In Turkey, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurs. Three people killed, 38 injured, and 75,000 houses destroyed or damaged in the Olur-Senkaya area.

1984 Joe Kittinger completes 1st solo balloon crossing of Atlantic.

1984 Joe Kittinger completes the first solo balloon crossing of Atlantic.

1984 Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurs.

1984 The 39th session of the U.N. General Assembly was opened with an appeal to the U.S. and Soviet Union to resume arms negotiations.

1985 Steve Jobs resigns from Apple Computer.

1986 Birth of Keeley Hazell, British model.

1986 Motorola announces the Motorola 68030 microprocessor. It incorporates about 300,000 transistors.

1987 Detroit Tigers’ Darrell Evans is first 40-year-old to hit 30 home runs.

1987 Ronald Reagan announces joint destruction of nuclear war heads by USA and USSR.

1988 Birth of Annette Obrestad; Norwegian poker player.

1988 Burma suspends its constitution.

1988 Death of Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar, Iranian Azari poet (born 1906).

1989 Charles Keating jailed in Los Angeles after being indicted on criminal fraud charges concerning saving-and-loans.

1989 Hurricane Hugo causes extensive damage in Puerto Rico.

1989 Hurricane Hugo hits Puerto Rico, killing six.

1989 Ontario NDP Leader Bob Rae arrested with 15 others in Temagami Wilderness Society anti-logging blockade.

1990 500 lb Hershey’s Kiss is displayed at Times Square.

1990 A 500-pound 6-foot chocolate Hershey Kiss is displayed at 1 Times Square, New York City.

1990 In Tokyo, Japan, the International Olympic Committee chooses Atlanta, Georgia, to host the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

1990 Liechtenstein becomes a member of the United Nations.

1992 Nine formerly pro-Albanian Marxist-Leninist parties hold a conference in Strassburg, Germany.

1992 The existence of the National Reconnaissance Office, operating since 1960, is declassified.

1992 Undaunted by his earlier withdrawal, supporters of U.S. presidential candidate H. Ross Perot succeed in getting his name on the ballot in all 50 states.

1994 Death of Vitas Gerulaitis, American tennis player (b. 1954)

1994 Haiti’s military leaders agreed to depart on October 15th.

1994 National Party of Canada collapses due to party infighting.

1996 Okinawans vote to have the USA remove its 28,000 troops stationed on their island.

1997 Death of Jimmy Witherspoon, blues singer (born 1920).

1997 U.S. media magnate Ted Turner donates USD $1 billion to the United Nations.

1997 Voters in Wales vote yes (50.3%) on a referendum on Welsh autonomy.

1997 Wales votes in favour of devolution and the formation of a National Assembly.

1998 ICANN is formed.

1998 ICANN is formed.

1998 The Food and Drug Administration approves a once-a-day easier-to-swallow medication for AIDS patients.

2001 Death of Ernie Coombs, Canadian entertainer (b. 1927)

2001 First mailing of anthrax letters from Trenton, New Jersey in the 2001 anthrax attacks.

2002 Death of Bob Hayes, American athlete (born 1942).

2003 Death of Emil Fackenheim, German Holocaust survivor and philosopher (b. 1916)

2003 Hurricane Isabel makes landfall as a Category 2 Hurricane on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It will directly kill 16 people in the Mid-Atlantic area.

2003 Hurricane Isabel makes landfall in the U.S.

2003 The UK’s Local Government Act 2003, repealing Section 28, receives Royal Assent.

2004 Death of Norman Cantor, Canadian historian (born 1929).

2005 Death of Michael Park, British Rally co-driver (b. 1966)

2005 Federal elections in Germany. Leading Chancellor candidates are Gerhard Schr�der (Social Democratic Party, 34.3 percent) and Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union, 27.8 percent).

2005 Swedish Church elections take place

2007 Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto returns to Pakistan after an eight-year self-imposed exile.

2007 The Federal Reserve cuts interest rates in the U.S. by half a point (0.5 percent) for the first time since 2006 to ease the ongoing panic in the financial markets due to the subprime mortgage crisis.

2008 Death of Mauricio Kagel, Argentine composer (born 1931).

2009 Death of Irving Kristol, American writer and political commentator (born 1920).