This Day In History August 6th

1063 Death of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, Welsh prince

1100 Henry I crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey

1264 Anti-Jewish riots break out in Arnstadt Germany.

1301 Birth of Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent, English politician (d. 1330)

1305 William Wallace, who led Scottish resistance to England, is captured by the English near Glasgow and transported to London for trial and execution.

1364 Death of Emperor Kogon of Japan (b. 1313)

1540 Birth of Joseph Justice Scaliger proposed Julian dating.

1572 Death of Isaac Luria, Palestinian-born Kabbalist (b. 1534)

1579 Death of Stanislaus Hosius, Polish Catholic cardinal (b. 1504)

1583 Gilbert claims Newfoundland (first English colony in North America).

1583 Sir Humphrey Gilbert establishes first English colony in North America, at what is now St John’s, Newfoundland.

1604 Birth of John Eliot “Apostle to Indians,” Bible translator.

1623 Birth of Antonio Cesti, Italian composer (d. 1669)

1624 Birth of William Jamestown Virginia, first black child born in English America.

1633 Death of Archbishop George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury (b. 1562)

1641 Birth of John Hathorne, American magistrate (d. 1717)

1662 Birth of James Anderson, Scottish historian (d. 1728)

1678 Death of Juan Garcfa de ZTspedes, Mexican musician and composer (b. 1619)

1689 1,500 Iroquois attack village of Lachine, in New France.

1694 Birth of Leonardo Leo, Italian composer (d. 1744)

1743 Death of John Hervey, Lord Hervey, English statesman and writer (b. 1696)

1749 Birth of Thomas Lynch signed Declaration of Independence.

1763 Pontiac’s War – Battle of Bushy Run – British forces led by Henry Bouquet defeat Chief Pontiac’s Indians at Bushy Run.

1772 First Partition of Poland begins.

1772 First partition of Poland, between Austria, Prussia and Russia.

1775 First Spanish ship, San Carlos, enters San Francisco Bay.

1778 Death of Charles ClTmencet, French historian (b. 1703)

1799 Death of Richard Howe, British admiral (b. 1726)

1802 Birth of Niels Henrik Abel, Norwegian mathematician (d. 1829)

1811 Birth of Ambroise Thomas Metz France, composer (Mignon).

1812 War of 1812: Tecumseh’s Indian force ambushes Thomas Van Horne’s 200 Americans at Brownstone Creek, causing them to flee and retreat.

1813 Birth of Ivar Aasen, Norwegian poet and language reformer (d. 1896)

1815 Birth of Edward John Eyre, English explorer (d. 1901)

1837 First ascent of Mount Marcy (5,344 feet) highest in Adirondack, New York.

1846 Oregon country divided between US and Britain at 49th parallel.

1850 Birth of Guy de Maupassant France, author (Boule de Suif).

1858 After several unsuccessful attempts, Cyrus West Field and others complete the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

1858 Cyrus West Field and others complete the first transatlantic telegraph cable after several unsuccessful attempts. It operated for less than a month.

1860 Birth of Joseph Carey Merrick “Elephant Man”.

1860 Carl IV of Sweden-Norway is crowned king of Norway, in Trondheim.

1861 American Civil War: In order to help pay for the war effort, the United States government issues the first income tax as part of the Revenue Act of 1861 (3% of all incomes over US $800; rescinded in 1872).

1861 The United States Army abolished flogging.

1861 US Army abolishes flogging.

1861 US levies its first Income Tax (3% of incomes over $800).

1862 American Civil War: Battle of Baton Rouge – Along the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Confederate troops drive Union forces back into the city.

1864 American Civil War: Battle of Mobile Bay begins – At Mobile Bay near Mobile, Alabama, Admiral David Farragut leads a Union flotilla through Confederate defenses and seals one of the last major Southern ports.

1864 Battle of Mobile Bay, Alabama; Admiral David Farragut orders “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”.

1864 Spectrum of a comet observed for first time, by Giovanni Donati.

1866 Birth of Carl Harries, German chemist (d. 1923)

1868 Death of Jacques Boucher de CrFvec?ur de Perthes, French archaelogist (b. 1788)

1872 Birth of Oswaldo Cruz, Brazilian physician (d. 1917)

1874 Japan launches its postal savings system, modeled after a similar system in England.

1876 Birth of Mary R Beard Indianapolis, historian (Woman as a Force in History).

1877 Birth of Tom Thomson, Canadian painter (d. 1917)

1880 Death of Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra, Austrian physician (b. 1816)

1882 Martial law is enacted in Japan.

1882 Standard Oil of New Jersey is established.

1882 Standard Oil of New Jersey is established.

1884 Cornerstone for Statue of Liberty laid on Bedloe’s Island (New York City).

1884 The cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty is laid on Bedloe’s Island in New York Harbor.

1888 Bertha Benz drives from Mannheim to Pforzheim, Germany in the first long distance automobile trip.

1888 Bertha Benz drives from Mannheim to Pforzheim in the first long distance automobile trip.

1888 Death of Philip Henry Sheridan, US four-star general, Union Army.

1889 Birth of Conrad Aiken, American writer (d. 1973)

1890 Birth of Erich Kleiber Vienna Austria, conductor (NBC Symphony 1945-46).

1895 Death of Friedrich Engels, German philosopher (b. 1820)

1897 Birth of Aksel Larsen, Danish politician (d. 1972)

1899 Birth of Conrad Aiken US, poet/short story writer/critic (Selected Poems).

1900 James Augustine Healy black Roman Catholic bishop, dies at age 80.

1901 Peter O’Connor of Ireland, sets then long jump record at 24 feet 11.75 inches.

1903 Death of Hugues Bovy, Swiss medalist.

1906 Birth of John Huston Nevada Missouri, director/writer (African Queen, Chinatown).

1908 Birth of Harold Holt Prime Minister of Australia (1966-67); supported US in Vietnam.

1911 Birth of Robert Taylor Filley Neb; actor (Death Valley Days).

1912 Japan’s first taxicab service begins in Ginza, Tokyo.

1912 Japan’s first taxicab service begins in Ginza, Tokyo.

1914 Birth of Anita Colby Washington DC, model/actress (Pepsi Cola Playhouse).

1914 First electric traffic light is installed, at Euclid Ave. and East 105th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

1914 In Cleveland, Ohio, the first electric traffic light is installed.

1914 US, Nicaragua sign treaty granting canal rights to US.

1918 Birth of Betty Oliphant, Canadian ballerina (d. 2004)

1921 First radio baseball broadcast Pittsburgh Pirates-8, Philadelphia Phillies-0 (KDKA, Pittsburgh).

1923 Birth of Devan Nair, President of Singapore

1923 Death of Vatroslav Jagic, Croatian slavist (b. 1835)

1923 First American to swim the English Channel (Henry Sullivan).

1926 Magician Harry Houdini stays in a coffin under water for 1.5 hours.

1927 Philadelphia Phillies’ Cy Williams hits for the cycle in just four at bats.

1929 Death of Millicent Fawcett, British suffragist and feminist (b. 1847)

1930 Birth of Neil Armstrong, astronaut

1935 Birth of John Saxon, American actor

1936 At Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens wins his third Olympic medal.

1937 Birth of Herb Brooks, American hockey coach (d. 2003)

1939 Birth of Princess Irene of the Netherlands

1940 Saint Louis Browns’ John Whitehead no-hits Detroit Tigers, 4-0 in six innings.

1941 Birth of Leonid D Kizim; cosmonaut (Soyuz T-3, T-10, T-15).

1942 Birth of Rick Huxley; guitarist (Dave Clark 5 – “Glad All Over”).

1943 Birth of Nelson Briles, baseball player (d. 2005)

1944 (0200 hours) In Cowra, Australia, over 900 Japanese prisoners-of-war stage a mass escape. They set their quarters on fire, and rush the barbed wire fences and gun posts. 378 escape, but all are recaptured in following days. In total, 234 are killed, 108 wounded, and four Australian guards are killed.

1944 Holocaust: Polish insurgents liberate a German labor camp in Warsaw, freeing 348 Jewish prisoners.

1944 World War II: Possibly the biggest prison breakout in history occurs as 545 Japanese POWs attempt to escape outside the town of Cowra, NSW, Australia. Most are killed but many escape and later commit suicide. Five Australian guards also die.

1946 Birth of Loni Anderson, American actress

1946 Death of Wilhelm Marx, Chancellor of Germany (b. 1863)

1947 Birth of Rick Derringer; rocker (“I am the Real American” (Hulk Hogan’s theme)).

1949 In Ecuador an earthquake destroys 50 towns and kills more than 6000.

1950 Birth of Rose Mittermaier in the German Federal Republic; slalom/downhill (Olympic-gold-1976).

1951 Birth of John Jarratt, Australian actor

1952 Death of Sameera Moussa, Egyptian nuclear scientist (b.1917)

1953 Birth of Samantha Sang; singer (“Emotion”).

1953 Operation “Big Switch”: Korean War prisoners exchanged at Panmunjom.

1954 Birth of Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda in The Bronx, New York, USA; rocker (Twisted Sister – “We’re Not Gonna Take It”).

1954 Boxing Hall of Fame’s first election selects 24 modern and 15 pioneers.

1955 Death of Carmen Miranda, Portuguese actress and singer (b. 1909)

1956 Birth of Maureen McCormick, American actress

1957 Death of Heinrich Otto Wieland, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1877)

1959 Birth of Pete Burns; rocker (Dead or Alive – “Spin Me Round”).

1959 Chicago Cardinals (NFL) beat Toronto Argonauts (Canadian Football League) 55-26 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1959 Death of Edgar Guest, English poet (b. 1881)

1960 Birth of Mike Nocito; rocker (Johnny Hates Jazz – “Turn Back the Clock”).

1960 Burkina Faso, then known as “Upper Volta”, becomes independent from France

1960 Death of Arthur Meighen, ninth Prime Minister of Canada (b. 1874)

1960 Detroit Tigers trade manager Jimmy Dykes for Cleveland Indians’ manager Joe Gordon.

1960 Upper Volta (Burkina Faso) gains independence from France.

1961 118 degrees F (48 degrees C), Ice Harbor Dam, Washington (state record).

1961 Birth of Clayton Rohner, American actor

1961 Chicago Bears (NFL) beat Montreal Alouettes (Canadian Football League) 34-16 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

1961 Sir Sidney Holland, Prime Minister of New Zealand (1949-57), dies at age 67.

1962 Birth of Patrick Ewing in Kingston, Jamaica; NBA center (New York Knicks), 1992 Summer Olympics.

1962 Death of Marilyn Monroe, American actress (b. 1926)

1962 Film actress and sex icon, Marilyn Monroe is found dead in her Los Angeles home after apparently overdosing on sleeping pills.

1962 Marilyn Monroe found dead of apparent self-inflicted drug overdose.

1962 Nelson Mandela is arrested for incitement and illegally leaving South Africa.

1962 Nelson Mandela is jailed. He would not be released until 1990.

1963 Craig Breedlove sets world auto speed record at 407.45 MPH.

1963 United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union sign a nuclear test ban treaty.

1964 Birth of Adam Yauch, American musician

1964 US begins bombing North Vietnam.

1964 Vietnam War: Operation Pierce Arrow – American aircraft from carriers USS Ticonderoga and USS Constellation bomb North Vietnam in retaliation for strikes attacked US destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.

1966 Birth of Jonathan Silverman, American actor

1966 Martin Luther King Jr stoned during Chicago march.

1966 The Beatles release “Yellow Submarine” and “Eleanor Rigby” in United Kingdom.

1967 First time an AFL team beats an NFL team, Denver Broncos beats Detroit Lions 13-7.

1967 Pirate Radio Station 333 (Radio Britain) and Radio London close down.

1968 Birth of John Garrett Olerud in Seattle, Washington, USA; baseball player (Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets, American League Batting Crown 1993).

1969 Mariner program: Mariner 7 makes its closest fly-by of Mars (3,524 kilometers).

1972 Birth of Christian Olde Wolbers, Belgian bassist (Fear Factory)

1973 Atlanta Braves’ Phil Niekro no-hits San Diego Padres, 9-0.

1973 USSR launches Mars 6.

1974 Birth of Antoine Sibierski, French footballer

1974 Vietnam War: The U.S. Congress places a $1 billion dollar limit on military aid to South Vietnam.

1975 Birth of Kajol Mukherjee, Indian actress

1975 Philadelphia Phillies’ first eight batters get hits for a major league record, win 13-5.

1976 Birth of Jeff Friesen, Canadian ice hockey player

1977 Birth of Mark Mulder, baseball player

1978 New Orleans Saints beat Philadelphia Eagles 14-7 in Mexico City (NFL expo).

1978 Queenie Smith, actress/dancer (Funny Side), dies at age 79.

1979 Birth of David Healy, Northern Irish footballer

1979 Willie Mays, Warren Giles and Hack Wilson are inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

1980 Birth of Wayne Bridge; English football player.

1980 New York Mets’ Doug Flynn ties record of three triples in a game.

1981 Birth of Carl Crawford; Major League Baseball outfielder.

1981 Ronald Reagan fires 11,359 striking air-traffic controllers who ignored his order for them to return to work.

1981 Ronald Reagan fires 11,359 striking air-traffic controllers who ignored his order for them to return to work.

1982 Birth of Lolo Jones; American track and field athlete.

1983 Birth of Sam Stacey; British model.

1983 Judy Canova, singer/comedienne/actress, dies at age 66 of cancer.

1984 Death of Richard Burton, British actor (b. 1925)

1984 Joan Benoit (US) wins first Olympic marathon for women (2:24:52).

1984 Lou Pinella day at Yankee Stadium.

1984 Toronto Blue Jays’ Cliff Johnson sets record with 19 pinch hit home runs.

1985 Baseball players go on strike for two days.

1985 Birth of Salomon Kalou; Ivory Coast football player.

1985 Chicago White Sox player Tom Seaver wins game 300 over New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

1985 Flexible-wing glider altitude record (214,250 feet) set by Larry Tudor.

1986 Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway sets the 5km woman’s record (14:37.33).

1986 San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Steve Carlton throws his 4000th strike-out.

1987 Birth of Stephanie Edwards; American singer.

1988 Birth of Federica Pellegrini; Italian swimmer.

1988 Death of American actor Ralph Meeker of a heart attack at age 67.

1988 The Malaysian constitutional crisis culminates in the ouster of the Lord President of Malaysia, Salleh Abas.

1991 Death of Paul Brown, American football coach (b. 1908)

1991 Paul Brown, American NFL founder and coach (Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals), dies at age 82 (born 1908).

1991 Sergei Bubka of USSR sets pole vault record (20.25 inches) in Malm´┐Ż, Sweden.

1991 Soichiro Hondo, CEO and founder (Honda), dies of liver cancer at age 84.

1992 Death of Jeff Porcaro, American musician (born 1954).

1992 Walt Disney World welcomes its 400-millionth guest.

1993 Birth of Suzuka Ohgo, Japanese child actress.

1993 Popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering is released. First trading card game to date.

1994 Groups of protesters spread from Havana, Cuba’s Castillo de la Punta (“Point Castle”), creating the first protests against Fidel Castro’s government since 1959.

1995 Croatian forces take Knin and continue to advance.

1995 The city of Knin, a significant Serb stronghold, is liberated by Croatian forces during Operation Storm. The date is celebrated as the day of victory (“Homeland Thanksgiving Day”) in Croatia.

1998 Death of Todor Zhivkov, Bulgarian Communist dictator from 1956 to 1989 (b. 1911)

1998 Iraq officially suspends all cooperation with UNSCOM teams.

1999 Mark McGwire becomes the 16th member of the 500 home run club with a home run at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.

2000 Academy Award winning actor Sir Alec Guiness dies at Midhurst in West Sussex at the age of 86. He had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

2000 Birth of Maya Bond, Japanese-born American singer and musician.

2000 Death of Sir Alec Guinness, English actor and writer (born 1914).

2001 The Cleveland Indians defeat the Seattle Mariners 15-14 in a record-setting baseball game known as the Impossible Return.

2001 The Cleveland Indians defeat the Seattle Mariners 15-14 in a record-setting game known as the Impossible Return.

2002 Death of Josh Ryan Evans; actor (born 1982).

2003 A car bomb explodes in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

2005 Death of Polina Astakhova, Russian gymnast (b. 1936)

2007 Death of Oliver Hill, American lawyer (born 1907).

2009 Death of Baitullah Mehsud, by missile fired by US drone in South Waziristan, leader of Tehrik-Taliban in Pakistan.

2009 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is sworn in for a second term as Iran’s president.