Obama Wins With Backing From Biggest Supporters – The Media

It was a big win for President Obama on Tuesday night. Exit polls had him  scoring lots of minority votes – African-Americans again voted in huge numbers  for the first black president. But the political bloc that most helped push  Obama to reelection was the American media.
All throughout election  night, pundits and reporters were talking about the economy and how that had impacted the campaign. That was seldom the story the news media  told throughout the election.
According to several exit polls, Romney’s  lead on the economy was small and many voters actually thought it was improving,  despite years of economic cataclysm. “But Romney is winning early on a key  question in the exit poll: Who can better handle the economy? He scored 49  percent to Obama’s 48 percent there, though those numbers are still moving,” reported ABC.
No wonder. Networks that hammered President George W. Bush  for high gas prices and high unemployment gave their candidate almost a complete  pass – blaming Bush more than twice as much as Obama. On Election Day,  unemployment was 7.9 percent, actually higher than it had been when Obama took  office. Debt, deficit and underemployment were off the charts.
Obama  didn’t win despite the numbers. He won because the media didn’t report them.  They spent an entire campaign promoting social issues – abortion, gay marriage  and more – where journalists near 100 percent support. The onslaught against GOP  candidates was huge. The left/media strategy was merely to link Romney with any  social conservative they could and hype what that candidate said.