Government Based On The Original Constitution












1) Friends of the Constitution:

Some proclaim our Constitution to be the greatest work ever penned by man, for the government of men, others go further to say that it was inspired of heaven. Let’s return then, to the strength of our original Constitution!


2) Friends of the Constitution:

You want to help improve government, then help America return to our, original, Heaven inspired, constitution!


3) Friends of the Constitution:

Would you like to take the fear of government out of the people, and put the fear of the people into government?


4) Friends of the Constitution:

Are you wondering why the government doesn’t properly respond to the people? It is because the American people are confounded, and lack organization!


5) Friends of the Constitution:

Let us empower and direct the House of Representatives, to take back the quality control, over our government!


6) Friends of the Constitution:

Let us return the ‘power structure of the people’, over government, to it’s glorious and inspired beginnings.


7) Friends of the Constitution:

Let us stand independently as Americans, and part ways from the current exodus of our Constitution.


8) Friends of the Constitution:

It has been almost 100 years since the ‘power structure of the people’, has been diminished in our Constitution. Have we not sorrowed enough? Let us return now to our original Constitution, and strengthen the ‘power structure of the people’!


9) Friends of the Constitution:

To the degree that America has gone contrary to our original constitution, to that degree have we, “the people”, lost personal and property rights, as well as control over our government.


10) Friends of the Constitution:

Are you tired of powers outside of your voting district helping to decide who is going to represent you? Would you like to get rid of all political parties? Even every one of them?


11) Friends of the Constitution:

For this day in age, our social conversation must include how we are going to put government back under the control of the people! It will not come by just electing someone else to the same old process. We must make permanent change to increase the on going power structure of the people.


12) Friends of the Constitution:

Since we have altered our Constitution, we have all but lost the greatest checks and balances any citizens of Government could ask for; the power to oversee and hold at bay every civil officer throughout government, and the power to oversee and control the purse strings on every government program through out the Nation. Let us now restore our Constitution, to the blessing of every American.


13) Friends of the Constitution:

Let us not contribute to all the complaining of government representatives taking place today, it is a certain proclamation of the people’s lack of control over government. Instead, let us use our energy to return and build upon the original inspired constitution, where there is great control over our government.


14) Friends of the Constitution:

The founders never intended for the people to wait for elections to make change. They gave us the keys to control government continuously! We have surrendered these keys though, through congressional legislation, Constitutional Amendments, and party control. It truly was, “Government by the People”. Now let us take back these keys, to a perfectly controlled government.


15) Friends of the Constitution:

Let us increase the power of the States and the people, by undoing and redirecting amendment seventeen, to once again have our Congressional Senators not only chosen, but also overseen and informed by our elected officials in our State Legislatures. This can be done by any State that desires to do so, and without Federal approval.


16) Friends of the Constitution:

Since our President is truly searching for the most equitable method of collecting the Federal Tax, let us remind him that the founder’s method of assessing the tax by population, and sending the bill to each State Legislature, has never been taken out of the Constitution. Let the President simply ask Congress to return to this method, and quit collecting on the people directly.


17) Friends of the Constitution:

The Executive department has grown over 100% since 1913 with the power to intrude in every citizen’s life.

Among the departments of the President’s cabinet are:

The Department of the Interior, the Department of the Treasury, of Justice, of Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security.

While the people have put more and more power in the hands of the Executive, we have not taken the precaution of developing the Founders check and balance against the Executive Department. This power is focused through impeachment and control of the purse. In the mean time, Government has demonstrated its greed for power and treasure, to our shame and alarm.


18) Friends of the Constitution:

Isaac Backus, a Massachusetts delegate said of impeachment, Quote “…And in the Constitution now proposed to us, a power is reserved to the people constitutionally to reduce every officer again to a private station; and what a guard is this against their invasion of others’ rights, or abusing of their power! Such a door is now opened for the establishment of righteous government, and for securing equal liberty, as never was before opened to any people upon earth.”

Let us have sufficient members of the House of Representatives throughout the Nation, to cast the shadow of this power of impeachment upon every Civil Officer.


19) Friends of the Constitution:

James Madison said, “This power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people”… And Wilson Nicholas said “Any branch of government that depends on the will of another for supplies of money, must be in a state of subordinate dependence, let it have what other powers it may.”

Let us have sufficient Representatives throughout the Nation, insuring against fraud and abuse, through controlling the purse on all Federal Programs.


20) Friends of the Constitution:

The greatest service we can perform for a free America today is to restore the House of Representatives to its original glory. The first census of 1790 produced almost 4 million people. Congress immediately enlarged the House from the original 65 to 106.

If we of Utah today were to seek for that same power in government as the original citizens were given, then with the 2010 Census of over 2 million people in Utah, we should have at least half of their representation, or in other words 53 Representatives in the House, from the State of Utah alone. We could send 4 to Washington, but the remaining 49 may reside in the State of Utah among those that elected them. That’s over13 X’s (times) today’s representation. Their responsibility would be to watch over every city, town and rural area, carrying the mantel of impeachment and control of the purse on every Civil Officer and Federal program in the State of Utah, countering fraud and abuse.


21) Friends of the Constitution:

Had we followed the Founders original intent for the House of Representatives, we would be holding in check every Organization and Program coming out of the Presidents Cabinet. Most of the Representatives doing so, would be dwelling in their own homes among those that elected them. Can you imagine what this would do to the lobbyists, special interest groups and political party influence? The larger the House of Representatives gets, the harder for outside groups to have an impact upon the people’s power.


22) Friends of the Constitution:

We really can afford to enlarge the House of Representatives as the founders originally designed. Today’s Congressional districts consist on the average of about 709,000 people. Divide that into 170,000 dollars, the approximate cost of a representative, and you get about 24 cents a year or 2 cents a month per person in the district. This return to the founders original design in the House of Representatives is something we can and must afford, if we want to return to civil and financial responsibility in government. Complaining is not enough. We need to make this change.


23) Friends of the Constitution:

Are we having a problem with immigration officers? If we had the representation in the House that the founders designed, our Representatives would simply walk into that officer’s place of business, and say, “Sir, it has been demonstrated that you are not protecting the people’s rights by refusing to comply with the immigration law that you were sent to enforce! Box your stuff, you no longer have a job!”    That!, is the power of the House. And if the action passes the people’s representatives in the Senate, neither the Federal courts nor the President of the United States has the power to affect the action. Remember, this is the people’s government, not the President’s. He is but one of the officers.


24) Friends of the Constitution:

Since 1913 and the 17th Amendment, the people directly elect their Senators for Congress and essentially abandon them for six years. We now have the opinion of two men, greatly influenced by lobbyist, special interests and political parties, binding us to law. How foolish we have been!

When our government first began, our State Legislatures chose our Congressional Senators, and sent them to Congress with no other obligations than to the State.

The State Legislature kept the Senators informed. This information included how congressional bills would affect the state, and the decision of the state towards any particular bill. The Congressional Senators were not left wondering how to vote. When the will of the state came in conflict with the Senators own personal will, they were to advance in Congress,  the will of the state as determined by our State Legislature.


 25) Friends of the Constitution:

The 17th Amendment altered the selection of Congressional Senators, taking the power from the State Legislature and recognizing it in the hands of the people. We have had close to 100 years experiencing the negative effects of this decision. Now let the people of Utah, honor the inspiration of the founders and return to the original design for our government, through a State Constitutional amendment. Let the people of Utah enlarge the powers of our State Legislators, to exercise in our behalf our responsibility to vote for our Congressional Senators. This is what Republics do, and this will also fulfill our responsibility to Amendment 17. Then let us also empower our State Legislators to have continuous oversight, and keep these Senators informed, accountable and directed in their voting. This action will give the people of Utah, through their representatives in the Legislature, a much louder and wiser voice in Congress, and stabilize our Senators.


26) Friends of the Constitution:

We have got to quit talking so much about the President of the United States, he is but one of the Civil Officers in the people’s government. To many are looking for a man to be put in the place of the Executive to save America. But America will not be saved by a man, or a political party. If America is saved at all, it will be because the people rise up and control their government again. Anybody can sit around and complain because of the path America is on, the alert though, will get off this trail of death.

Call your state legislators and let them know that you want Utah’s Congressional Senators chosen, informed and directed again from the State Legislature. Then call your Congressional Representative and tell him you want the House enlarged and representatives spread through out America to provide the people’s check and balance on all Civil officers and Federal Programs. If the people rise up, and reign in our government, then we can regain our freedoms and become prosperous again.


27) Friends of the Constitution:

The founders of our Nation expected each State Legislature to discuss the bills from Washington that would effect their State. Then the State Legislature would give direction to the Congressional Senators in the vote that would best protect the State’s sovereignty. This original process stabilized our Senators! When Lobbyists and special interests would approach a Senator to initiate a switch in their vote, the Senator would defend the vote, and then say something like “ I will change my vote, only if you can persuade the State Legislature. Their decision, is my decision.”  So originally, Senators did not just vote  their own individual opinions, but were actually voting the will of their State in  Congress.  Let us help stabilize our out of control Congress, by returning to this method.


28) Friends of the Constitution:

The 17th Amendment, has cut the string that communicates the will of the State to Congress. In America the flow of will is to be from the people to our elected servants. This representation is crucial.  If we cannot make the 17th Amendment disappear, let us at least take this step. Once the people have elected the U.S. Senator, let us not leave him to act on his own for the next six years, but require him to be in harmony with the State Legislature in all his duties. Let us create and pass a State Constitutional Amendment that authorizes the State Legislature to take over after the people elect him, and direct our U.S. Senator in any and all issues that affect the sovereignty of the State, and report back to the people for the next election. This will give the States again, power in Congress.


29) Friends of the Constitution:

We have got to quit putting so much hope in the President of the United States, he is but one of the Civil Officers in this people’s government. America will not be saved by a man, or a political party! If America is saved at all, it will be because the people rise up and take control of their government, as the founders originally designed it. Thomas Jefferson said (Quote) “We had not yet penetrated to the mother principle, that ‘governments are republican only in proportion as they embody the will of their people, and execute it’ “.  (Un-quote) Today, we do not have a very republican government! Let us therefore see to it, that the people’s will is delivered and manifest in word and deed by all our servant-representatives in government. Then, through this unity and only then, can our United States Constitution and the hope of mankind, be preserved.