Study Shows Major Internet Companies Violate User Privacy

Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s recent revelations of the federal government’s massive and intrusive surveillance of Americans have shown that major Internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google have not only been compliant with the surveillance programs, but have themselves violated the privacy of their users.

Celbrating Women Show Guest Dawn Meehan

Cate Allen hosts Dawn Meehan, BYU Professor & Survivor contestant. Tune in at 9:00 am on June 4 th.

Monday on Celebrating Women Show

Cate Allen will host Marshall Moore, Utah's Film Commissioner on the show.

Tuesday on Celebrating Women Show

Join Cate Allen as she interviews Anne Sward.  Tune in each and every Monday and Tuesday for great guests and great interviews!!!!

Tuesday, March 5th 9am on Celebrating Women: Samira Harnish, Founder of Women of the World

Tuesday, March 5th 9am on Celebrating Women: Samira Harnish, Founder of Women of the World Retired engineer decided to do something to help all of the women refugees living in Utah. Tune in to find out more about refugees in Utah, stories of women and how they’ve come to America with hope of better, her non-profit organization as well as how you, too,...

Monday – 3/4/2013 9am on Celebrating Women Show:

Monday, March 4th 9am on Celebrating Women: Van Thomas, creator of Van Thomas Concepts, Professional Hair dresser for 35 years, former salon owner, worked for a major professional hair products manufacturer for 12 years traveling internationally, worked for a hair transplantation company and laboratory, will share tips and tools...