Jim Sumpter









Official Show Title:  The Jim Sumpter Show

Show Synopsis:  It’s all about the Holy Scriptures, the Constitution, and keeping America first.

Co-host:  Show producer Janet McKee

Website: www.jimsumptershow.com

Your history on K-Talk:  Started with K-TALK in 2003 and became nationally syndicated 2 years later.

What does K-Talk mean to you?  The celebration of free speech and thought…and the place where Mr. Perry and Mr. Draschil gave me an opportunity to grow and prove myself.

What do you mean to K-Talk?  That management can sleep well knowing that I’ve got Midnight to 3AM covered (although I’d really like to be on live from 11AM to 2PM…I’m easy to get along with, and very dependable and would even be willing to paint the walls to get a better shift!)

Favorite Food:  Not picky.  Put it in front of me and chances are its history.

Favorite book:  “Reading for Dummies”.  Great ending.

Favorite quote:  Steve Jobs’ dying words, “Wow. Wow. Wow.”  Wouldn’t you love to know what he saw?  Of course, not right away, right?

Anything you’d like to add: Yes.  The numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, but I like multiplication better.