World Bank warns of food riots as rising food prices push world populations toward revolt

A new report issued by the World Bank (1) warns that food prices are skyrocketing globally, with wheat up 18 percent and corn up 12 percent this quarter. Ukraine, one of the largest wheat exporters in the world, has suffered a 73 percent increase in domestic wheat costs. Argentina has seen wheat prices skyrocket 70 percent.

Feds Plan to Seize Financial Records of US Mortgage Borrowers

The Federal Housing Finance Agency and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are planning to seize financial records on mortgage borrowers for a new federal database.

This Week In History 6/1/2014

1418 Death of Katherine of Lancaster, wife of Henry III of Castile 1535 Birth of Pope Leo XI (d. 1605) 1567 Death of Shane O’Neill, Irish chieftain 1581 Death of James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton, regent of Scotland 1615 First RTcollet missionaries arrive at Quebec City, from Rouen, France. 1693 Death of John Wildman, English soldier and politician 1701...

Happy 49th Birthday – KTKK AM630 – KTALK!!!!

Monday May 5th – KTKK AM630 “K-TALK” will be 49 years old. KTALK is the 3rd oldest talk radio station in the country!!!!!! Listen live via KTKK AM630 or the web at all day Monday, some of the Salt Lake City radio talent of years past and present will be on the...

DNA Sequences Can Trace Your Ancestors to Within 30 Miles

DNA Sequences Can Trace Your Ancestors to Within 30 Miles.