‘The Apparition’ Movie Review


My husband, fellow team member Chrissy, her boyfriend Tony, and myself went to see ‘The Apparition’ in the theater on September 1, 2012. Going into the theater, I was hoping that it was worth the money to see it, and hope that it lived up to my expectations of a good ghostly film. I have to say, that I was a little bit let down by the movie.

The movie had its really good parts, but then again, it had its really boring parts. I know, most movies do. I love scary movies, and horror movies, and I like to see them, no matter what they are about. But, when the movie is paranormal related, I have very high standards for the movie. Probably because I’m a paranormal investigator. A lot of paranormal investigators that I have met over the years hate movies that have anything to do with the paranormal. I am the opposite. I enjoy a good paranormal movie.

This movie revolves around a young couple (the female is Alice from the Twilight Saga). What the female doesn’t know is: is that her boyfriend dabbled in paranormal investigation, and conducted a highly experimental ‘project’, that opened a door to the other side, making everyone involved in the experiment ‘haunted’. And since she was the girlfriend of one of the participants, she became haunted as well.

With that being said, the rest of the film is the couple, and one of the other paranormal investigators fighting for their lives against this entity they let in.

There were about four big ‘shock’ factors in this movie, that I actually found interesting, but my fellow investigator Chrissy, found very frightening.

Out of Five Stars, I would rate this film at 2.5 stars. I enjoyed the fact that they gave the back story of the haunting, which a lot of paranormal based movies do not do, until they decide to make a sequel. Other than that, I believe they could have done more with the movie. They even left it open for a part two. The most disappointing part, to me, was the ending. The ending is what can make, or break a movie, and to me, it broke the movie.

I would recommend waiting for it to come out on DVD or BluRay before seeing it. Not worth the $20 to see it in the theater!

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