Recent Investigation

Our most recent investigation was of a piece of property in the D/FW Area, that has four buildings on the property. The main house, detached garage, with upstairs loft, a pool house, and a little shed at the very back end of the property. This was our second time investigating this property. The first time, we only got to investigate the main house, and all activity seemed to stop once the sun went down. We told the clients this, and also said that this indicates that the activity in the main house only seems to be happening during the day. After all analysis was complete, they then requested a second investigation, as the activity was still happening. So, this time around, we started our investigation at 2pm. We focused on the main house, and pool house during the day, then moved to the loft, and shed once it was completely dark.

Although, in the main house, we did get some interesting activity while it was still daylight, the most activity seemed to happen in the loft, after dark. We made contact with a Russian man, who had passed away in the mid 1800′s. He died a very violent death, by being stabbed to death, in the chest, and stomach area. He was only 24 when he passed away.

He seemed to be very attracted to one of our newest members, Autumn. Shortly after our investigation of the loft started, she was sitting in a chair, with her legs stretched out in front of her, with her legs stretched out, and crossed at the ankles. Suddenly, out of no where, she falls backwards, in her chair. A few of us laughed shortly, because we thought she had lost her balance, and fell back. However, after she had sat back up, she told us that someone, or something had pushed her back. When she described it to us, she said ‘It didn’t feel threatening. It just felt like something one of my kids would do, playing around.’

After that encounter, about an hour had passed. She was then standing up, and she felt like someone was rubbing her arms. Both arms were covered in chill bumps. She then had the feeling of being groped. When she moved away from that area, the feeling went away.

Upon photo analysis, we found a very interesting piece of evidence. In the loft, towards the stairs, there’s a window. And in that window there appears to be a figure of a man. All that can be made out is the upper torso, and the head was cut off by some white in the window.

Video, and audio analysis isn’t yet complete. However, we’re hoping we uncover more evidence from this location, and get to learn more about this Russian man.

But what could cause so much activity at one home? There are many theories. One, the most obvious – Since this home is newer, the spirits could be attached to the land. There’s one other thing that our member Krista had discovered. Not too far away from the home is a cemetery. Behind that cemetery is a creek. She followed the creek all the way to the property we were investigating. That same creek runs behind the property. As most know, water is a perfect conductor of energy. And since the creek goes from the cemetery, and to the home, it could be a portal that spirits from the cemetery travel through. And since the clients have a swimming pool, that water could also serve as an energy source for the spirits, hence the amount of activity all over the client’s land.

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