Investigating Locations

First off, I’d like to apologize for my lack of posting lately! I’m back though, and I’ve got some interesting facts about investigating locations that I’d like to share with everyone.

Our team investigates locations as much as possible. A lot of people ask, and wonder why we do so. We all see it the same way: If you investigate a location only once, to me, you can’t officially label any activity you get as true paranormal. In my opinion, it takes several times investigating a single location to be able to call the happenings paranormal.

We have a number of locations that we investigate on a regular basis. One – Hill House Manor in Gainesville, TX. We have been there A LOT. Why? Because the paranormal activity there is so high, that we feel as if each time we go there, we get something new. Especially on EVP’s. Another location we go to a lot is Reindeer Manor in Red Oak, TX. The situation here is the same with at Hill House Manor. We never leave empty handed, and each time we leave with something new.

We also frequent locations such as cemeteries, and ghost towns. So, when investigating a location, especially for the first time, always keep all the situations in your mind, so that during your analysis, you can pin point what is paranormal, and what isn’t. Then, try to revisit a second, and third time, because it could be that whatever you captured isn’t paranormal at all, and can be easily debunked as something natural during your following visits! After all, us paranormal investigators are here to present the FACTS! And if you don’t investigate a location fully, then your evidence could easily be debunked to others.

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