Ghost Town History & Paranormal Investigations – Thurber, TX

Thurber 1888

Thurber Horseshoe Bar

Thurber Miners

Hotel Knox & Thurber Mining Office

Thurber Cemetery Apparition Captured by G.P.S.

Thurber, TX is one of the largest Ghost Towns we have ever investigated. Standing today are two resturaunts, the Thurber Museum, and two Cemeteries. As well as St. Barbara’s Catholic Church, a Miners Cabin, and a small Train Cart, all of which cannot be accessed (the inside). One cemetery is very small, and is right next to the Thurber Museum, which can only be accessed during Museum hours, and by permission only. The bigger cemetery is where we captured the above apparition.

The history of Thurber is very intense. It was established, and within 50 years, it became a Ghost Town, due to a major Fire that took most of the town. This happened during the depression, so the city did not have the funds to rebuild the town. Thurber was popular for many reasons. For their oil, their coal, and eventually their bricks. In fact, if you visit the Fort Worth, TX Stockyards, and look at the brick on the roads, and some sidewalks, you will see that the bricks came from Thurber, TX.

The cemetery in the above picture, was badly vandalized. A local man went into the cemetery, and literally bulldozed 99% of the gravestones to the ground. Thankfully, the police found the man, and he is now serving time in prison for his crime. Now, the local historical society is working on redoing the cemetery. The last time we were out there to do an investigation, they had put up several markers stating who lays where, and the story behind several of the mass graves, one mass grave of which contains the remains of several children who died from the Flu Epidemic. Also, for the cemetery’s protection, they put up surveillance cameras at the gates to keep an eye on those who go out to the cemetery.

My interpretation of the apparition in the above photo is simple. The grave that this woman apparition is standing by belongs to a child. I believe that this woman is this child’s mother. As you can tell, she appears to be holding something in her arms. I believe this is her child, and I also believe that she is buried some place nearby, but due to the vandalism, we cannot tell.

There are a lot of different feelings you’ll get from this cemetery. The front of the cemetery seems to be very calm. However, the further back you go, the more aggressive the feeling gets. Up until the last visit, we only had time to investigate the first half of the cemetery. The most recent time we went, we ventured out to the very back of the cemetery. Earlier in this investigation, I was picking up on the name ‘Jim’. This was when we were still close to the front of the cemetery. We all got in our cars, and drove to the very back. I told Jack to stop the car because something was calling me to a certain grave. Once we went to the grave, we found out that it was the grave of a man named Jim. We spent the remainder of the investigation communicating with Jim.

Fellow investigator, Tanya, started receiving constant spikes on her EMF Meter. She was putting her hand out, asking the spirit present to touch her hand, or arm. I was constantly taking photos during this. And, amazingly, we captured a single red orb right at her hand. Each time this orb was captured on film, her EMF Meter would spike, letting us know that there was some type of energy near us. And there are no power lines that would interfere with the EMF Meter, so we found that some orbs do contain energy that spikes EMF Meters. I would take many photos, back to back, both while the Meter was spiking, and while it wasn’t. Each time it was spiking, there would be the same red orb near her. When it wasn’t spiking, there would be no orb anywhere near her. Eventually, the activity died out, and the spiking and orbs completely stopped.

Thurber, TX is a must visit location. Even if you’re not an investigator, but love history, this town would be worth a visit. Take in the great food, and do the full Museum Tour. The history at Thurber, TX is begging to be heard!

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