Ghost Town History & Paranormal Investigations – Carter, TX

The Ghost Town of the topic is called Carter, AKA Cartersville, TX. It was established between 1866-1867. It once had a post office, and a flour mill. The flour mill burned to the ground on November 14, 1891, and was never reconstructed. Carter was also the site of the last murder of a white man from a Native American in Texas. The town ‘died’ when nearby Weatherford was established.

The remains include an old Church, and a small covered pavilion area, as well as many historical markers, and dedications on sites where significant history took place. Also inside the pavilion area, there remained an old piano. There was a sticker on the piano that stated that it was last serviced in the year 1973.

My team has had the chance to investigate Carter on several occasions. It is a very active area. Due to the amount of people that were going out there, and the amount of vandalism on the part of teenagers, the area has now been marked as No Trespassing. If anyone is found out there by local police, you will be arrested. However, that has not stopped some from going out and vandalizing the area even more. Reports say that they completely boarded up the Church, as well as the remaining pavilion area. The boarded up Church has been broken into since it’s been put off limits.

Our first visit out to Carter was the most active, in my opinion. That night was a night during a Full Moon. The moon was so big, and bright, we did not need our flashlights to see where we were going. We had two camcorders set up on tripods. One was in the Church, and one was in the pavilion. Both had recorders with them, and a third recorder was on top of the piano. In the Church, we captured on recorder the camcorder being tampered with. We actually captured the camcorder turning off. You can clear hear something fooling around with the camera, followed by the sound of it turning off. There was no one in that building at that time. While investigating other parts of Carter (including the land surrounding the buildings), we would periodically check the camcorders, to make sure we still had plenty of battery life, and recording space on them. When we checked on the camcorder in the Church for the first time, we realized it had been turned off. However, it was still in the ON position. So, our first thoughts were that the battery got drained, and went dead. However, when we tested it, by turning it off, then back on, we realized we still had several hours of battery life left on the camera. There was no explanation for the camcorder shutting off.

While we were investigating the land nearby, we were all hearing movement within the trees across the street from where the remaining buildings stand. Naturally, we all figured it was some type of animal, so we didn’t think much on it. However, seconds later, three investigators heard the distinct sound of footsteps running across the graveled road. They could actually hear the gravel moving, as if one of us was running across it. Upon discussing this experience, the three investigators all agreed that it sounded like a Native American running, with weapons and such bouncing on the spirits back, just like it would happen if I were to do the same thing. All of us went to where this was heard to investigate it further, and there was no trace of anyone crossing the graveled road, such as foot prints, or any other type of evidence you would find if you, yourself ran across.

During the same investigation, while we were investigating the Church, we left a recorder going in the pavilion, on top of the piano. Upon the audio review, we uncovered someone trying to play some of the keys on the piano. This, like the other experiences, was a bit shocking. When we went back the second time, we tried playing the piano, and it would barely play. On the recording, however, it played almost perfectly. So, again, we could not debunk this experience.

Carter, AKA Cartersville, is a very active location, with tons of history. It’s a shame that due to all the vandalism, that it is now off limits. But, hopefully now, the history will be preserved, and restored for future generations.

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