Bigfoot In The Sierra? National TV Show On The Hunt


The cast of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” travels the country, investigating possible sightings. The crew’s latest adventure is in the Sierra Mountain range.

“If Bigfoot’s real, this is the place he should be,” Ranae Holland, member of the “Finding Bigfoot” team, said.

They came to hear stories like Ken Gentry’s, who says his crew had a huge rock hurled at them while hiking near Three Rivers several years ago.

“This very large rock, one of the athletic guys on our crew, Billy, he picked it up and tried to throw it. He couldn’t throw it 25 feet. Brother, it did come from 300 feet away on top of this ridge and I saw it. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d have a hard time believing it actually happened,” Gentry said.

About 100 people packed into Shaver Lake’s Community Hall, anxious to hear and see the evidence.

“I wanted to know if I could be persuaded into believing. And there’s some interesting stories I hear from a lot of folks. It’s hard not to believe,” Mat Crane, who came to the meeting, said.

They heard howling from recorded audio tapes.

“It might have been a mountain lion or something. It couldn’t have been Bigfoot,” Ryder Sprague said.

“The howls, they sounded like monkeys to me when they’re playing in the woods. And there’s no monkeys out there,” Lanae Lane said.

“I’ve heard that exact noise before. But I figured it was just a coyote or somebody enthusiastically yelling,” Shaunna Curtis said.

They were also shown an imprint of what they believe to be the creature’s foot.

“It was huge and obnoxious, kind of cartoonish,” Curtis said.

“I tell my kids it doesn’t exist. But the footprint was definitely scary,” Amee Criswell said.

“I think someone could’ve made that because it’s awfully big to be an animal,” Chassi Gaston said.

The “Finding Bigfoot” crew already finished shooting in the Sierra.

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